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Poetic paintings, Nazi darlings and a cloud-surfing photographer – the week in art

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Helen FrankenthalerThis poetic and dreamlike abstract expressionist painter belongs in the company of Pollock and Rothko as a modern great. Dulwich Picture Gallery, Londen, van 15 September. Marina AbramovićA cinema...

Martin Figura creates poetic record of life during pandemic at Salisbury hospital

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One poem imagines an NHS nightshift worker at the height of the coronavirus crisis as an astronaut, adrift and untethered from a spacecraft. Another touches on the difficulty of trying to console a patient when the co...

Three Choirs festival review – poetic harmony resonates with the times

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It’s part of the Three Choirs festival’s rich tradition that works by contemporary composers are commissioned to take their place alongside the major choral masterpieces written for the festival over almost three cent...

Poetic Flare holds off Master Of The Seas in thrilling finish to win 2,000 Guineas

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Poetic Flare, a 16-1 chance trained in Ireland by Jim Bolger, took the 2,000 Guineas at Newmarket on Saturday after a fierce battle with Master Of The Seas through the final furlong. Kevin Manning’s horse was prominen...