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Poached, pickled, roasted … 10 delicious pear recipes, from pulled pork to frangipane tart

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It is pear season, not that you would know it from looking at my garden. I planted a pear tree some years ago, and in all that time it has produced a grand total of one pear. If you’re luckier than me – or want to go ...

Rukmini Iyer’s honey and muscat poached peaches with easy almond pastries

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I love the blush on poached peaches, but always worry about overcooking them on the stove. Cue the oven-poached version, with aromatic spiced muscat and honey: in season and fresh from Ocado, perfect to serve with a b...

Def Jam: how a new British imprint of the iconic rap label poached Stormzy

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Rick Rubin’s initial ambitions for Def Jam were modest. In 1984, it was simply a means for him to release music by his punk rock band, Hose. Its first office was his New York University dorm room. “We never had any as...