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Darktrace shares plunge again as investor lock-up ends

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Shares in the cybersecurity firm Darktrace have plummeted again after an analyst note raising doubts about its valuation and as the expiry looms of a lock-up on insiders selling their stakes. The Cambridge-based firm,...

THG founder Moulding to give up golden share after stock price plunge

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Matthew Moulding, the founder and chief executive of The Hut Group, is giving up his “golden” share of the company in an attempt to regain the confidence of the City after a sharp fall share in recent weeks. The onlin...

Geen 10 het 'n energiekrisis gewaarsku en besnoeiings kan huishoudings in die moeilikheid beland

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Honderde duisende Britte staar 'n “baie, baie moeilike winter danksy stygende huishoudelike koste, Geen 10 is gewaarsku, soos ondernemings gesê het die skok van die energieprys kan 'n driedaagse week vir fabrieke veroorsaak..

Shares in China’s Evergrande plunge again as fears of contagion grow

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Shares in the embattled Chinese property company Evergrande have plunged 17% as investors weigh up whether the group’s massive debt problems could trigger a broader sell off across all financial markets. Evergrande p...

Ocado shares plunge as it cancels orders after robot fire

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Ocado’s share price has sunk to its level in more than a year after it was forced to cancel thousands of orders following a fire caused by a robot collision at one of its warehouses. Customers concentrated in London a...

‘Bracing minus 2C’: expeditioners in Antarctica mark solstice with icy polar plunge

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Antarctic-based Australian expeditioners have taken a sub-zero polar plunge to mark the winter solstice, keeping an icy tradition alive. Each year expeditioners at Australia’s three research stations in Antarctica and...

‘I can’t recruit chefs’: Brexit and Covid plunge hospitality into crisis

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Lunchtime in St Albans on a sunny weekday in half-term, and restaurants, bars and cafes are doing a roaring trade. Demand has bounced back strongly among residents of the Hertfordshire commuter town, who appear eager ...

NHS hit by Covid disruption as cancer referrals plunge

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The Covid pandemic is casting a wide shadow over the nation’s health, according to new data revealing a dramatic drop in urgent referrals for suspected cancers in England, and a plummeting quality of life among patien...

Tesla share price plunge knocks $267bn off market value

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Decline wipes billions off Elon Musk’s fortune as investors fear firm is vastly overvaluedA sharp decline in Tesla’s share price has wiped more than $250bn (£193bn) off the value of the electric car company, and dragg...