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Carbon emissions ‘will drop just 40% di 2050 with countries’ current pledges’

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Current plans to cut global carbon emissions will fall 60% short of their 2050 net zero target, the International Energy Agency has said, as it urged leaders to use the upcoming Cop26 climate conference to send an “un...

‘Greta is right’: climate pledges must be matched by action, say Mars executives

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The chief executive of Mars, one of the world’s largest consumer products companies, has warned that “all too often” corporate commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions fall short and threaten to undermine their cre...

‘Earth looks fragile from space’: Jeff Bezos pledges $1bn to conservation

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Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has said he realised just how fragile the Earth was when he looked back down at it from space, while committing $1bn to conservation projects around the world. The money , made throu...

Governments falling woefully short of Paris climate pledges, lo studio trova

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Every one of the world’s leading economies, including all the countries that make up the G20, is failing to meet commitments made in the landmark Paris agreement in order to stave off climate catastrophe, a damning ne...

Primark pledges to make all its clothes more sustainable by 2030

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Primark has committed to making all of its clothes from recycled or more sustainably sourced materials within a decade, promising the strategy will not lead to price rises. The retailer has also pledged to make clothe...

Labour party pledges ethical core to Britain’s foreign policy

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The Labour party on Sunday pledged to end what it calls the Conservative government’s “corporate-centred approach” to trade and rebuild policy around protecting workers’ rights and interests both in the UK and abroad....

Europe’s top 25 banks failing on green pledges, campaigners warn

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Europe’s 25 largest banks are still failing to present comprehensive plans that address both the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, putting their sustainability pledges in doubt, campaigners have warned. While some...

Green, empty promises? The truth behind corporate climate pledges

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For climate campaigners, 26 May seemed like the start of a long-awaited reckoning for oil and gas companies. Over a single 24-hour period, a Dutch court ordered Shell to dramatically cut emissions, shareholders voted ...

Government pledges $1.3m to restore Gough Whitlam’s home in Sydney’s west

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The federal government will put up $1.3m to buy and restore the former prime minister Gough Whitlam’s family home in Sydney’s west. The assistant minister to the prime minister, Ben Morton, announced on Saturday that ...

Matt Hancock pledges to hand over any advice on discharges to care homes

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Matt Hancock has promised to reveal internal advice that is alleged to have required testing for people discharged from hospitals into care homes at the start of the Covid pandemic, amid claims the guidance was weaken...

‘I am staying’: Romelu Lukaku pledges future to Inter amid Chelsea interest

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Romelu Lukaku has said he will remain at Internazionale next season after helping them to their first Serie A title in 11 anni. Chelsea’s manager, Thomas Tuchel, is planning a move to bring the striker back to Stamfo...

England’s Ollie Robinson pledges to ‘get in New Zealand faces’ in first Test

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England hopeful Ollie Robinson believes he is as primed as he will ever be for a Test debut as the fast bowler revealed a fierce competitive streak could lead to him “getting in New Zealand’s faces”. Robinson is one o...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Facebook to allow posts saying Covid ‘man-made’; Japan pledges ‘safe and secure’ Games

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Facebook changes policy ‘in light of ongoing investigations into the origin of Covid’; Biden orders US intelligence to ‘redouble’ Covid origin probe; Japan promises ‘safe and secure’ Olympic Games

Blinken pledges US will deal with ‘grave humanitarian situation in Gaza’

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The US secretary of state, Antony Blink, has pledged the Biden administration will deal with “the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza” and will seek “equal measures of security” for Israelis and Palestinians as a c...

Infected blood scandal: Hancock pledges payouts if advised by inquiry

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Matt Hancock has said compensation will be paid to people people infected by contaminated blood products and their relatives if is recommended by the public inquiry into the scandal. Appearing at the inquiry on Friday...

Leonardo DiCaprio pledges $43m to restore the Galápagos Islands

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Leonardo DiCaprio has announced a $43m (£30.4m) pledge to enact sweeping conservation operations across the Galápagos Islands, with his social media accounts taken over by a wildlife veterinarian and island restoratio...

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