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Met police officers plead guilty over photos taken at scene of sisters’ deaths

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Two Metropolitan police officers have pleaded guilty after taking photographs of two murdered women at a crime scene they were supposed to be guarding, before sharing images on a WhatsApp group. PC Deniz Jaffer, 48, a ...

UK manufacturers plead for more state funds to boost sector

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Five of the UK’s leading manufacturing industries have issued a plea for more government financial support to boost capital investment in research and development as well as new factories and equipment with lower carb...

British-born Islamic State suspect set to plead guilty to charges in US

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One of two British-born men charged in the US with joining Islamic State and conspiring to torture and behead American and European hostages in Syria is scheduled to plead guilty to criminal charges. Court records sho...

Hong Kong protest pair swept up in national security crackdown plead guilty

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The Hong Kong activist Andy Li and paralegal Chan Tsz-wah have pleaded guilty to foreign collusion, becoming the second and third convictions under the year-old national security law which has been used to crush gover...

‘We see silence filled with fear’: female Afghan journalists plead for help

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When president Ashraf Ghani slipped out of Afghanistan with no warning, he took with him any glimpse of hope left for the nation’s women – especially those who are educated and outspoken. Aaisha* is that and more. Soos ...

Hong Kong activists plead guilty but say ‘history will absolve us’

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Lee Cheuk-yan says he and fellow accused Jimmy Lai and Yeung Sum did nothing wrong A prominent Hong Kong activist, Lee Cheuk-yan has declared “history will absolve” those on trial, after he pleaded guilty with media m...