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Carnival spirit to infuse Queen’s platinum jubilee shindig

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A giant dragon puppet will be the centrepiece of the platinum jubilee pageant as the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign is told through street theatre, dance, circus acts and marching bands during a central L...

Queen’s platinum jubilee to be marked with four-day bank holiday in 2022

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A four-day bank holiday weekend will mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee next summer to celebrate the monarch’s 70 years on the throne. National events will include a live concert featuring some of the world’s biggest s...

Platinum pop-punks the Offspring: ‘We’re outcasts among outcasts

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“It’s very fashionable now to say, ‘When we were young, we didn’t fit in,’” says Dexter Holland, frontman for multi-platinum punk-rockers the Offspring, Zooming from the band’s plush Orange County recording studio. “B...