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‘I felt seen, I felt heard’: platform links Black women to supportive healthcare

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Black women are notoriously underserved by the US healthcare system. The New York City-based founders of the digital platform Health in Her Hue aim to bridge that gap. Since its launch in 2018, the platform has empowe...

Republican Devin Nunes to quit Congress and head Trump’s social media platform

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Devin Nunes, the California congressman and close ally of Donald Trump, will be retiring from the US House of Representatives next year to join Trump’s new social media venture. The Republican congressman, who represe...

New UK rail travel platform promises to plant a tree for every train ticket sold

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A new train ticketing platform launching today is promising to plant a tree for every ticket it sells, which it hopes will appeal to passengers who care about climate change. Trainhugger says it will use 50p out of ea...

A ‘non-cancellable’ community: the ‘truth’ about Trump’s social media platform

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The TRUTH is out there, according to known factualness provider Donald Trump. On Wednesday the former president, who has been banned from the major social media platforms since January, announced that he will be launc...

Donald Trump to launch social media platform called Truth Social

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Donald Trump has announced plans to launch a social media platform called TRUTH Social that will rolled be out early next year. The former president, who was banned from Facebook and Twitter earlier this year, says h...

Facebook outage: what went wrong and why did it take so long to fix after social platform went down?

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Facebook and its other platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, went down globally for close to six hours on Monday and Tuesday, depending on your time zone. As services are being restored, questions ar...

Canale 4 to launch platform tapping into boom in true crime series

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Canale 4 is launching a new platform dedicated to true crime programming as it attempts to respond to the boom in popularity of the genre, which it says is being driven by younger audiences. True Crime on 4 will laun...

Trump says he will sue social media giants as he pines for lost platform

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Donald Trump, the former US president, held a rambling press conference on Wednesday to announce legal action against Facebook, Twitter and Google, accusing the tech giants of censoring conservative voices. Trump was...

Video platform chief says Nazi posts on white superiority do not merit removal

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A top executive at the video sharing platform Odysee wrote guidance to moderators in late April that a “Nazi that makes videos about the superiority of the white race” would not be grounds by itself for removal from t...

Why is SNL giving Elon Musk yet another platform?

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Self-declared “Technoking” Elon Musk is hosting an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL). This is par for the course of the late-night sketch comedy show’s commitment to profit and ratings over a sense of poli...

Facebook is pretending it cares how its platform affects the world

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The world is a lot better off without Donald Trump as president of the United States. And Facebook is a lot more peaceful without Trump’s unhinged calls for vengeance against his political opponents and fabricated tal...

L'accordo tra Apple e Parler potrebbe ripristinare la piattaforma di destra su App Store

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Apple ha detto di aver raggiunto un accordo con Parler, l'app di social media di destra, ciò potrebbe portare alla sua reintegrazione nell'app store dell'azienda. Apple ha cacciato Parler a gennaio per legami con il mortale 6 Gennaio...

National Archives won’t be allowed to restore Trump’s tweets on the platform

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The National Archives will not be allowed to resurrect Donald Trump’s tweets on the social network, Twitter said on Wednesday, even in its official capacity as a record-keeping organization. However the archive is wor...

ALP national conference 2021: Labor finalises energy platform for next election – live

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Electric vehicle policy announced as as power brokers hash out amendments intended to strengthen support for new gas projects. Follow live updates

Chrissy Teigen leaves Twitter, citing abuse and hate on the platform

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Chrissy Teigen said goodbye to her 13.7 million Twitter followers on Wednesday night in a series of posts acknowledging the abuse and hatred on the platform. "Hey. For over 10 anni, you guys have been my world. I hon...

Major League Rugby seeks platform for US expansion – Covid allowing

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Deal with RugbyPass will help league ‘control our destiny’, commissioner says, with eye on 1 August championship gameThe fourth season of Major League Rugby will kick-off with Old Glory DC versus NOLA Gold on Saturday...