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North Korea expanding weapons-grade uranium plant, satellite images suggest

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Recent satellite images appear to show North Korea is expanding a uranium enrichment plant at its main Yongbyon nuclear complex, with experts saying the move shows an intent to boost the production of bomb materials. ...

Cyprus prepares for Mediterranean oil spill from Syrian power plant

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Turkish Cypriot authorities have taken emergency action to stop an oil slick blamed on a faulty power plant in Syria from wreaking environmental havoc along some of the island’s finest unspoilt coastline. Officials in...

Multibillion-dollar Louisiana plastics plant put on pause in a win for activists

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The US government has placed further delays on a proposed multibillion dollar plastics plant in south Louisiana, marking a major victory for environmental activists and members of the majority Black community who have...

New Zealand: fears for mother after body of baby found at Auckland recycling plant

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The body of a baby has been discovered at a recycling facility in south Auckland, New Zealand police have said. The baby, believed to be a newborn, was discovered at the plant in the suburb of Onehunga on Monday eveni...

Meet the crossword setter, plant scientist Soup: ‘A successful clue needs pith and, ideally, humour’

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The Guardian’s newest cryptic setter, Soup, has been setting puzzles in this paper’s extraordinary monthly Genius series since 2016; he also edits 1 Across magazine and contributes to the 3D Crossword Calendars. Let’s...

China floods: aluminium alloy plant explodes in Henan province – video

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Dramatic footage shows the moment an aluminium plant exploded in China's central Henan province after a record-breaking rain storm. Local government officials said Dengfeng Power Group's plant exploded when flood wate...

Florida swamped by red tide – but did fertilizer plant spill making it worse?

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Piles of dead fish, dolphins, turtles and manatees are rotting on the shorelines of coastal Florida in a soup of reddish brown ocean water after a devastating so-called “red tide” algal bloom struck sea life in the re...

Coventry puts forward ‘mission critical’ plan for electric car battery plant

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Plans for a “mission critical” electric car battery plant in Coventry have accelerated in a drive to keep automotive production at the heart of the West Midlands region. Coventry city council has put forward a bluepri...

Equinor to triple UK hydrogen output with new plant near Hull

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Norway’s state oil company Equinor will triple its UK hydrogen output, after setting out plans to build the world’s biggest hydrogen production plant with carbon capture and storage technology near Hull. Equinor plans...

WHO voices concerns over Sputnik V Covid vaccine plant

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The World Health Organization has said it has concerns about the methods used at one plant producing the Sputnik V vaccine, as Slovakia announced it would sell or donate 160,000 van die 200,000 doses it has ordered of ...

French nuclear firm trying to fix ‘performance issue’ at China plant

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A French nuclear company has said it is working to resolve a “performance issue” at a plant it part-owns in China’s southern Guangdong province after an earlier report of a potential leak there. Framatome, a subsidiar...

Poland to close Europe’s most polluting power plant by 2036

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Poland plans to close Europe’s most polluting power plant by the end of 2036, according to a draft document published by local authorities. The document, which is subject to public consultation, is part of the Lodz re...

Oman plans to build world’s largest green hydrogen plant

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Oman is planning to build one of the largest green hydrogen plants in the world in a move to make the oil-producing nation a leader in renewable energy technology. Construction is scheduled to start in 2028 in the Al ...

Liberty Steel plans to sell Yorkshire plant to stay afloat

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Liberty Steel has said it plans to sell its aerospace steel business based in Yorkshire as part of a restructuring deal as it tries to ensure its survival. The steelmaker, which is owned by the metals magnate Sanjeev ...

Australia news live: Coalition backs $600m gas plant as IEA warns against new fossil fuel use

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Experts warn that the taxpayer-funded plant makes little commercial sense; concerns over speed of vaccine rollout continue with Melbourne hubs below capacity. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

Waarom die paardebloem sommige plantversamelaars wegwaai?

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I am forever fascinated by how much the creative pursuit of gardening is not only incredibly constrained by our cultural beliefs, maar die mate waartoe ons totaal onbewus is, gebeur selfs. In werklikheid, it’s so...

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