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The Guardian view on Labour’s voting plans: empower an electorate

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In Gran Bretagna, there has been a modern trend to make democracy more democratic. The devolved legislatures set up in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales use proportional electoral systems to reflect their distinctive pol...

German parties vague on pension plans as they court older voters

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The churned-up garden of the clubhouse for pensioners is preoccupying Peter Klotsche. “It’s the raccoons," lui dice. “They come at night and toss up the earth looking for worms and we really don’t know how best to stop...

Sajid Javid updates parliament on Covid-19 pandemic winter plans – watch live

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Health secretary updates parliament on pandemic winter plans, including proposals for booster jabs for over-50s and the option for 12- to 15-year-olds to get the jab

Boris Johnson’s Scotland-Northern Ireland tunnel plans axed

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A controversial plan to build a tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland has been ditched before ground was broken, it has been reported, as the Treasury clamps down on spending. The proposed link, described as th...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: new China outbreak grows; UK health secretary to set out booster plans

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China reports 59 new cases compared to 22 the day before; Sajid Javid will set out the details in winter Covid plan for England in on Tuesday

Biden administration plans to sue Texas over near-total ban on abortion – report

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The Biden administration plans to sue Texas over the state’s extreme abortion law, which amounts to a near total ban on abortion, according to a report. The Wall Street Journal reported that the justice department cou...

Netherlands proposes radical plans to cut livestock numbers by almost a third

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Dutch politicians are considering plans to force hundreds of farmers to sell up and cut livestock numbers, to reduce damaging ammonia pollution. After the highest Dutch administrative court found in 2019 that the gove...

Priti Patel’s plans to send migrant boats back to France ‘dead in water’, union says

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Priti Patel’s plans to send back small boats carrying migrants in the Channel are already “dead in the water”, an immigration workers’ union has said. Border Force staff are being trained to employ “turn-around” tacti...

Earth’s tipping points could be closer than we think. Our current plans won’t work

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If there’s one thing we know about climate breakdown, it’s that it will not be linear, smooth or gradual. Just as one continental plate might push beneath another in sudden fits and starts, causing periodic earthquake...

Expansion plans: comfort-first clothing brings M&S back into fashion

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marchi & Spencer’s showcase of new autumn looks is both a back-to-school moment in the British fashion industry calendar and a bellwether of which catwalk trends will successfully translate to the mass market. Ma ...

Share your thoughts on the social care reform plans

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The government has announced the NHS will get £36bn over the next three years which will be funded by a new “health and social care levy,” which will be 1.25% paid by working adults, including those over the state pen...

Goldman Sachs plans London IPO for £3.6bn Petershill Partners

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Goldman Sachs is preparing to list a new investment vehicle, Petershill Partners, on the London Stock Exchange in a move that could value the unit at £3.6bn thanks to a boom in the private equity market. Petershill Pa...

Who opposes Boris Johnson’s social care funding plans?

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A significant rebellion is building up against plans to fund social care changes that are expected to be announced this week. Despite cabinet ministers scrambling to finalise details of potential rises in taxes or nat...

Electric cars: Ofgem plans easier way for drivers to sell energy back to grid

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Ofgem plans to make it easier for electric vehicle drivers to sell the energy stored in their car batteries back to power grid as part of a move to help make the switch away from fossil fuel cars more affordable. Unde...

Apple delays plans to scan cloud uploads for child sexual abuse images

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Apple will delay its plans to begin scanning user images for child sexual abuse material (CSAM) before uploading them to the cloud, the company says, after a backlash from privacy groups. The company’s proposal, first...

London skyscraper plans threaten UK’s oldest synagogue

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Tucked away in a courtyard in the City of London, surrounded by glass, steel and concrete skyscrapers, is a historic and religious gem: the oldest synagogue in the UK. On Friday evenings, at the start of the Jewish sa...

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