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Military plane rushes baby formula to US health systems

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Store shelves across the US remain short of baby formula after a military plane carrying enough to fill half a million baby bottles arrived in the US on Sunday but its contents were rushed to health system outlets to ...

Pasajero sin experiencia de vuelo aterriza avión después de piloto incapacitado

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Un pasajero sin ninguna experiencia de vuelo aterrizó de manera segura un avión en un aeropuerto de Florida después de que el piloto quedara incapacitado. La Administración Federal de Aviación estaba investigando el incidente., lo que paso el martes ...

Nine arrested in Israel after air crash images sent to plane passengers

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A taxiing plane returned to the gate at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport after photos of aviation disasters popped up on passengers’ phones – sent, Israeli authorities believe, by nine people onboard using the iPhone Air...

Belarus plane arrest activist Sofia Sapega sentenced to six years

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A woman who ran a Belarusian opposition messaging app channel and was arrested along with her activist boyfriend when an airliner they were on was forced to land in Belarus has been convicted of charges that included ...

Canada plane crash mystery deepens with two murder suspects among dead

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A plane crash in the rugged hinterlands of Canada during seemingly calm weather has prompted a federal investigation into what could have brought down the small aircraft. But revelations that two of the passengers wer...

Western Australia plane crash: one dead and another injured after aircraft catches fire

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A passenger has died and a pilot was seriously injured after a charter plane crashed in Western Australia’s remote north. WA police confirmed the male in his 50s lost consciousness during the rescue efforts and could ...

DHL cargo plane splits in two after crash landing at Costa Rica airport

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A Boeing 757-200 cargo aircraft operated by DHL has made a dramatic emergency landing at Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria international airport, skidded off the runway and broke in two, losing its tail. DHL, part of Deuts...

Delta Air Lines plane forced to land after windshield shatters mid-air

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The pilots on a Delta Air Lines flight from Salt Lake City to Washington DC decided to bring their jet down in Denver after the cockpit windshield shattered above 30,000 pies. The crew repeatedly told passengers to re...

Accidente de avión en el este de China: Accidente de avión en el este de China, todos 132 Accidente de avión en el este de China

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Accidente de avión en el este de China 737-800 Accidente de avión en el este de China 132 gente a bordo, Accidente de avión en el este de China. Accidente de avión en el este de China, Accidente de avión en el este de China.

Todos 132 people on board crashed China Eastern plane confirmed dead

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Todos 132 people on board the plane that crashed into a mountainside in southern China this week have been confirmed dead, the country’s civil aviation authority has said. Dozens of victims’ relatives have been waiting ...

China plane crash: cockpit voice recorder analysed for clues as first victims found

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The cockpit voice recorder from a plane which crashed into a Chinese mountainside with 132 people onboard is being analysed in Beijing, as the recovery mission confirms it has found human remains at the site. The Chin...

UK grounds plane ahead of inquiry into possible Russian links

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UK authorities have grounded another plane to investigate possible links with Russia, the transport secretary has announced. Russian airlines and private jets are prohibited from landing in the UK and it is a criminal...

Four US marines killed in Norway plane crash during Nato exercise

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Four US marines were killed when their Osprey aircraft crashed in a Norwegian town in the Arctic Circle during a Nato exercise unrelated to the Ukraine war, authorities said on Saturday. The Norwegian prime minister, ...

Plane crash killed Emiliano Sala after he was overcome by fumes, inquest rules

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The footballer Emiliano Sala died as a result of a plane crash, having been overcome by toxic levels of carbon monoxide from the aircraft’s faulty exhaust system during an unlicensed commercial flight from France to W...

Plane carrying Trump reportedly made emergency landing after engine failure

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A plane carrying former US president Donald Trump was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing on Saturday night after suffering engine failure over the Gulf of Mexico. The Dassault Falcon 900 had flown about 75...

What happened when a Chinese ship shone a laser at an Australian plane – and why does it matter?

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Just after midnight last Thursday, a transiting Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy vessel shone a military-grade laser at an Australian air force plane conducting coastal maritime surveillance. This did not happen ...

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