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10 of the best places to stay on the Scottish coast

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As cosy as they sound, Sea View Snugs hunker into the hillside in this bucolic corner of south-west Scotland. los 18 individually designed cabins – think smart beige boxes – are on a 1,000-acre estate in Gatehouse of ...

UK places export ban on ‘stunning’ £17m Italian bronze roundel

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The UK has placed a temporary export ban on a late 15th-century bronze roundel made in the Lombardy city of Mantua and valued at £17m. The Renaissance roundel, which depicts Venus, the Roman goddess of love, surrounde...

10 of the UK’s best places for fun on the water, chosen by readers

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I love paddleboarding on the River Wensum in Norwich. This stretch of the Norfolk Broads offers winding meadows, endless tranquillity and wildlife such as kingfishers, herons, swans and a family of non-native terrapin...

10 British forests getaways – with great places to stay

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Mysterious and atmospheric, the Forest of Dean combines dense pine woods, rolling hills and the glistening ribbon of the Wye river, with plenty of family attractions dotted throughout. The big draws are Puzzlewood – a...

Trading places: could a home swap save your summer holiday?

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Fed up with staring at the same walls? Desperate to be somewhere – anywhere – else but can’t find an affordable holiday cottage to rent? Why not swap your home with a like-minded soul in another part of the UK, and sa...

10 of the best places to see outdoor art in the UK: chosen by readers

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Conversation Piece – 22 bronze statues on Littlehaven beach in South Shields – is by Juan Muñoz and peers out over the sand dunes towards Herd Groyne lighthouse, the point where the River Tyne spills into the North Se...

Foreign exchange: 10 places in the UK to make you feel that you’re abroad

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The Isles of Scilly may not have Caribbean temperatures, but the white sand beaches and turquoise sea are just as seductive. There are palm trees and that blend of otherworldliness and self-reliance you get in places ...

New Zealand’s Covid quarantine fee change places politics over a citizen’s right to return

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Since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve taken huge comfort in the knowledge that just about everyone I love is safely inside the fortress-like border that’s been erected around New Zealand. I have no doubt that every...

El grupo de apoyo Sinn Féin, con sede en EE. UU., Coloca anuncios para votar sobre la unificación irlandesa

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Un grupo de apoyo del Sinn Féin con sede en EE. UU. Ha publicado anuncios de media página en el New York Times., Washington Post y otros periódicos estadounidenses piden un referéndum sobre la unificación irlandesa. Amigos del Sinn Féin colocaron los anuncios ...

Switzerland on course to ban wearing of burqa and niqab in public places

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Switzerland is on course to follow France, Belgium and Austria after narrowly voting in a referendum to ban women from wearing the burqa or niqab in public spaces. Con 99% of the vote counted, 51.5% of Swiss voters h...

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