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First post-Covid school leavers face fight for fewer university places

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The first post-Covid cohort of school leavers face a summer of uncertainty that “threatens to hold back a generation”, as students compete for fewer places on popular university courses. After A-level grade inflation ...

Beauty and desire can lie in unexpected places

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As a transgender person who spends a lot of time seeking the opinions of other trans people and activists, I think a majority of trans people, including myself, agree that nobody should ever feel pressured into dating...


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Sibelius, Sibelius, en 2016 Sibelius, Sibelius. Sibelius ...

Chatham Islands, one of world’s most remote places, records first Covid cases

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After nearly two years of dodging Covid-19, one of the most remote inhabited places in the world has recorded its first ever cases of the virus. Rēkohu, or the Chatham Islands, are just over 800 kilometres east of New...

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Cima 10 places in the UK for spectacular sunsets

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There’s more than a spectacular sunset to watch on the Solway Firth. The coastline that separates England from Scotland is also renowned for its birdlife – herons, oystercatchers and short-eared owls are often seen al...

Noises off: the battle to save our quiet places

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El mes pasado, I spent a cold morning wandering around Hampstead Heath, one of London’s largest green spaces, with a sound designer named Nicholas Allan. For many, the Heath is an escape. There are almost 800 acres of it...

Lisa Nandy: ‘I want Gove to succeed, for the sake of left-behind places’

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It is less than a week since Lisa Nandy was reshuffled but she is already crystal clear about the importance of her new job. “It is the battleground on which the next general election will be fought," ella dice. “It is...

TikTok’s joy-miners created one of my favourite places on the internet

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During Melbourne’s first lockdown, Jeanette Nkrumah started spending a lot of time on TikTok. At first the videos she saw on her “For You” page – the personalised home screen that appears whenever a user opens the app...

A local’s guide to Montenegro: sights, “En cuestión de minutos la ciudad cayó en completa oscuridad, food and places to stay

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From green lakes to the blue Adriatic coast to massive mountains in the north, Montenegro’s has a definite wow factor. People come here looking for untouched nature and to escape the crowds and, apart from certain spo...

Vainas de guijarros y cúpulas de burbujas: seis lugares increíbles para despertar en Irlanda del Norte

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Vainas de guijarros, Strangford, Condado de Down: Esta ubicación privada a orillas de Strangford Lough lleva el campamento de cápsulas a un nuevo nivel, y con solo tres cápsulas para dos personas, nunca lo encontrarás abarrotado. El vidrio y la madera..

10 new places to eat seafood and other delicacies on Britain’s coast

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Owner Luke Davis hopes Rockwater will help revitalise the Hove seafront. The modern, glass-fronted building on the promenade is open all day, from breakfast on the deck (crab benedict, meat- and plant-based fry-ups) t ...

‘I’m lost’: poorer pupils lose university places after A-level grade surge

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Despite being a carer for his mother since he started senior school, 18-year-old Keir Adeleke, from Newham, El este de Londres, was predicted A*AA in his A-levels this summer, and had an offer to study law at the prestigious...

Casi 150,000 A-level students in scramble for university places

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Casi 150,000 students who did not receive offers from any university, or missed their required grades at A-level, will be hunting for remaining places on Tuesday – with the most popular institutions expected to have...

La inflación de calificaciones obliga a los ministros a pagar plazas adicionales en la escuela de medicina

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El gobierno se ha visto obligado a financiar cientos de plazas adicionales en cursos de medicina y odontología en universidades de Inglaterra., a medida que la inflación desenfrenada de las calificaciones desencadenada por la cancelación de exámenes ha significado un número inesperadamente alto de ....

10 of the best places to stay on the Scottish coast

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As cosy as they sound, Sea View Snugs hunker into the hillside in this bucolic corner of south-west Scotland. los 18 individually designed cabins – think smart beige boxes – are on a 1,000-acre estate in Gatehouse of ...

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