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Liverpool v Atlético placed fans in danger: will anyone be held to account?

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It has been the way of the last 18 months that each week seems to bring some new moment of double-take. Horrors, failures, bodge-jobs. They just keep on looming up into view like icebergs in the fog. It happened again...

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Roadkill placed on ‘sky tables’ to lure rare birds of prey

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When a griffon vulture last year graced the UK with its presence, awed birdwatchers from across the country gathered in the Derbyshire moors in the hope of catching a glance. Now conservationists are hoping to make si...

Candidate for Nicaragua vice-president placed under house arrest

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Nicaraguan authorities have detained a candidate in the November presidential elections, her party has said, as the government of President Daniel Ortega shows no sign of ending a sweeping crackdown against the opposi...

Vieira resigns as Benfica president after being placed under house arrest

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Luís Filipe Vieira, who suspended his duties as president of Benfica last week after being detained as part of an investigation into alleged tax fraud and money laundering, has resigned. Vieira, who ran the club for 1...

Wellington placed under level 2 Covid restrictions after visit by infected Australian tourist

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New restrictions on gatherings have been introduced in Wellington after a Covid-infected Australian travelled to the New Zealand capital and visited a range of popular tourist locations. “This is not a lockdown,” Covi...

Far right placed to make gains in Cyprus parliamentary vote

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A far-right party with links to Greece’s defunct neo-Nazi Golden Dawn appears likely to double its support as widespread disaffection over corruption scandals dominate elections for a new parliament in Cyprus on Sunda...

Self-styled northern insurgent Andy Burnham is well placed to lead Labour

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Inevitably there has been speculation about the future of the current Labour leader in the face of a ruinous set of local election results for the party, including the loss of the Hartlepool byelection. Now the idea o...

Cricket in England faces logistical headaches after India placed on ‘red list’

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Cricket faces another summer of logistical headaches after India was placed on the so-called “red list” for travel to the UK – a decision which could have knock-on effects for England’s international fixtures and the ...

New Delhi placed under weekend lockdown as Covid wave worsens

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New Delhi has been placed under a weekend lockdown as India faces a ferocious new coronavirus wave, con più di 200,000 fresh daily cases and families clamouring for drugs and hospital beds. Hopes that South Asian ...