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Absolute bangers! 10 brilliant sausage recipes – from risotto to perfect pizza

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It is easy to be lazy with a sausage. They are already seasoned, so all you have to do is cook them, put them on a plate next to some other stuff and eat them. But to simply plonk a banger next to a pile of veg is to ...

Domino’s Pizza looks for 5,000 chefs and riders as takeaway boom continues

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Domino’s Pizza is aiming to hire 5,000 chefs and delivery drivers, as consumers’ appetite for takeaways remains strong, at a time when the hospitality industry is battling staff shortages. Britain’s biggest pizza deli...

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for Mexican-style pizza with pea hummus

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Tlayudas (pronounced clah-yoo-dahs) are Mexican-style pizzas cooked over charcoal grills, and are usually eaten late at night on the streets of Oaxaca. Daar, the dough is made with corn, but here I make my own simple...

Pizza Express waiting staff outraged as share of tips is cut

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Pizza Express is facing a backlash from waiting staff after their slice of tips was cut in order to pay kitchen workers more. The Unite union said workers would lose an average of £2,000 a year after their share of ti...

Pizza, pie and traybake: Tom Kerridge and Marcus Rashford’s easy family recipes

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While we are from different generations, Marcus and I share a lot of similarities in our journeys to success. We both grew up in a single-parent household on a council estate, and although neither of us ever went with...

Dough to go: Rome’s first pizza vending machine gets mixed reviews

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Massimo Bucolo bravely dared to go where nobody else had gone before in order to take a slice of Italy’s competitive pizza market: a 24-hour vending machine that dishes out freshly baked pizza in three minutes. Locate...

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for Roman-style pizza rossa

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Last March, the neat, well-spaced queue in front of Passi, our local bakery, seemed utterly strange. Nou, more than a year on, the idea of Passi, or any shop, stuffed with people is a strange one. I have forgotten wha...

Domino’s to launch robotic pizza delivery service in Houston

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Domino’s Pizza and Nuro, a Silicon Valley startup, said on Monday they will launch a robotic pizza delivery service in Houston this week as they seek to satisfy increasing online orders during the pandemic. With smal...

Domino’s Pizza plans more outlets as Covid-19 lockdown fuels sales

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Britain’s biggest pizza delivery chain says demand rose during televised government press conferencesDomino’s Pizza has reported higher profits in the UK and unveiled plans for more outlets and drive-thru services, as...