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Be authentic: how businesses are driving sales through Pinterest

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Como mucha gente, lockdown has made me rethink my lifestyle. In my case, it means selling up my cramped London flat and moving to the coast. I’ll finally have access to a garden and be able to offer a dog a home. Pero ...

Find like-minded people, share joys: how Pinterest can help you lean into your authentic self

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The internet isn’t always a pleasant place to be. Sometimes it can feel as though logging on is less about having fun or sharing experiences, and more akin to being crouched in a muddy trench as bullets whistle overhe...

Pinterest shares soar amid reports of $39bn takeover by PayPal

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​​PayPal is reportedly exploring the acquisition of social media company Pinterest, according to Bloomberg News. PayPal, the financial technology company based in San Jose, California, recently approached Pinterest a...

She broke her NDA to speak out against Pinterest. Now she’s helping others come forward

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For months, Ifeoma Ozoma couldn’t tell anyone – not even her closest friends and family – why she had left her high-profile job at Pinterest. Even as she gave speeches about her work at the tech company, a non-disclos...