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Donderdag inligtingsessie: Pingdemic eases for double jabbed

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Hallo, Warren Murray here with your dose of daily news. From Monday, fully vaccinated people in England and those aged 18 or under will no longer be legally required to self-isolate after contact with a positive Covi...

‘Pingdemic’: byna 700,000 contacted by NHS Covid app in one week

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A record 689,313 people in England and Wales were contacted by the NHS Covid app and asked to self-isolate in the week to 12 Julie, underlining the widespread disruption caused by surging case rates. Official data from...

England’s ‘pingdemicis a convenient distraction from the real problem

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We’re now in the full looking-glass stage of the pandemic, where things seem entirely back to front and solutions are treated as problems. The “ping” of the NHS test-and-trace app has been widely criticised as the cau...

UK music festivals at risk of cancellation due to ‘pingdemic’ staff shortages

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This summer’s music festival season could face last-minute cancellations due to staffing shortages caused by workers being told to self-isolate by the NHS Covid-19 app, according to industry leaders, who are calling f...

‘Pingdemic’ is the result of a criminal Covid policy

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Your article (England may have to reimpose Covid rules in August, waarsku wetenskaplikes, 21 Julie) says some restrictions may have to be reintroduced within three weeks to avoid the NHS becoming overwhelmed – but it already ...

How England’s ‘pingdemic’ took a heavy toll on the Tories

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Last weekend, as MPs prepared for their long summer holiday break from Westminster, a senior member of Boris Johnson’s cabinet had this to say about the Conservative government’s achievements in steering the country t...

Food bosses say ministers are making England’s Covid ‘pingdemic’ supply chaos worse

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An emergency government plan to prevent the spiralling “pingdemic” from hitting food supplies has descended into chaos, with industry leaders condemning the scheme as an “absolute disaster” that has done more harm tha...

‘Pingdemic’ effect: how different sectors in England have been hit

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Some mainline railway signal locations are at “critical levels” in terms of staff shortages, according to the RMT union. Its general secretary told the BBC that four out of five “very important” signal locations on th...

Iceland aims to recruit 2,000 staff due to ‘pingdemic’ absences

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Grocery chain Iceland is aiming to recruit 2,000 spare staff to help cover absences caused by the self-isolation “pingdemic”, as retailers warned it was becoming difficult to maintain opening hours and keep shelves st...

UK pubs and restaurants struggling to find staff before ‘pingdemic’ crisis

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Hospitality firms such as pubs and restaurants were already struggling to find enough staff before they were hit by “pingdemic” absences caused by employees being told to isolate by NHS test and trace, according to of...

CBI and Marks & Spencer join calls for government to tackle ‘pingdemic’

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The UK’s top business lobby group and Marks & Spencer have joined a growing chorus urging the government to tackle a nationwide “pingdemic” by immediately amending the self-isolation policy for people notified by ...

Martin Rowson on the UK’s Covid ‘pingdemic’ – cartoon

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Bins in England go uncollected due to Covid test-and-trace ‘pingdemic’

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Rubbish bins in parts of England are going uncollected and some health workers have been urged to postpone holidays because of staff shortages associated with the surge in Covid cases. Bin collections have been disrup...