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Mail-order abortion pills become next US reproductive rights battleground

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Martedì, Oklahoma became the latest state to pass a bill to make performing an abortion a felony, punishable, in questo caso, di 10 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. The bill is expected to be signed into law by t...

Number of fentanyl-filled pills seized by US law enforcement up 4,850%

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Over the past four years, the number of counterfeit pills containing fentanyl that have been seized by US law enforcement jumped by 4,850%, Nella sua vecchia vita, underscoring how an alarming surge in the deadly dr...

MPs vote to continue abortion ‘pills by post’ scheme in England

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Women in England will be able to access a “pills by post” abortion service indefinitely after MPs voted today to compel ministers to make it permanent instead of scrapping the scheme in September. The decision will be...

England abortion ‘pills by post’ scheme to be scrapped in September

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Women in England will be able to access abortion pills more easily for the next six months, but the temporary “pills by post” scheme brought in because of Covid will then be scrapped in September. Maggie Throup, the p...

Covid pills are ‘very promising’ – but what are the challenges in using them?

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An effective and widely available treatment for Covid would be a major breakthrough for managing the pandemic, but two antivirals recently authorized in the US come with some significant caveats, including low supply ...

More options for Covid treatments in January as FDA approves two antiviral pills

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People at greater risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19 will likely have more treatment options in January. That’s the forecast in the wake of the US Food and Drug Administration’s approval this week of the fir...

FDA expected to approve Covid treatment pills within days

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US federal regulators are expected to approve the first pills to treat Covid-19 as early as this week, it was reported on Tuesday. According to sources quoted by Bloomberg News, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

Pfizer Covid pills highly effective at preventing deaths, trial suggests

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Pfizer has said that its experimental antiviral pill for Covid-19 cut rates of hospital admission and death by nearly 90%, as the drugmaker joins the race to bring the first easy-to-use medication against the coronavi...

Pills in the post: how Covid reopened the abortion wars

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Lockdown revolutionised women’s access to home treatment – and strengthened the anti-abortion backlash by Sarah Hurtes and Daniel Boffey Wed 21 Apr 2021 03.00 EDT ...