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Lions coach Warren Gatland piles pressure on ‘desperate’ South Africa

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Warren Gatland has cranked up the pressure on the “incredibly desperate” Springboks and claimed the British & Irish Lions have another gear to find as they seek to clinch series victory in South Africa next Saturd...

‘Hunger has returned’: Covid piles further misery on Brazil’s vulnerable

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Even before coronavirus, life was a struggle on Regeneration Street, a rubbish-strewn skid row on the north side of Rio de Janeiro. Cadaverous crack addicts probe dumpsters for scraps of food; crestfallen down-and-out...

Berlin’s plan to return Benin bronzes piles pressure on UK museums

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Berlin is negotiating to fully restitute hundreds of the Benin bronzes in a shift of policy that has been welcomed in Nigeria but will put pressure on museums in London and Oxford to also return artefacts looted by Br...

Raphinha’s strike for Leeds piles relegation pressure on Fulham

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Fulham cannot afford to spurn many more opportunities of this nature. While defeat to Leeds is hardly terminal it goes down as a wasted chance to exit the bottom three, with Newcastle and Brighton facing each other on...