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The big picture: Janet Delaney’s nostalgic New York painter

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Cities are made of sedimented strata of memory. Janet Delaney’s photograph of the New York street painter was taken in the mid-1980s, with a Rolleiflex camera from the 1960s. The artist’s painting, intussen, seems no...

Playtime in the Congo: Michael Christopher Brown’s best phone picture

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For years, Michael Christopher Brown had noticed the planes from the road leading to the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Goma airport. From his first visit in August 2012, they drew his gaze like a magnet, abandone...

The big picture: brutal intimacy on the streets of Tokyo

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Bruce Gilden, infamous for his up-close, flashgun New York street photography, visited Japan several times in the 1990s. His pictures of Tokyo, collected in a new book, Cherry Blossom, share the brutal intimacy of his...

A lemon at the car dealership: Charles Traub’s best phone picture

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In Miami, Florida, a few years ago, Charles H Traub was walking past the packed lot of a car dealership when he saw this outsized lemon parked in a vacant spot. “In our vernacular, as I suppose in yours, a lemon is so...

The big picture: ​an epic journey along America’s poverty line

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In 2015, the photographer Matt Black set out from his home in California’s Central Valley to discover and record the realities of American lives in communities below the poverty line. Over the next six years, he criss...

Breakfast time: Christopher Anderson’s best phone picture

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Christopher Anderson often makes breakfast for his family (eiers, pancakes), but what caught his eye here was the light and the colour, the repetition of shapes. Blue plate, yellow circle. Of course, the pose his three...

Hokusai: The Great Picture Book of Everything review – wonders beyond The Great Wave

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Like me, you may think of the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, whose long and brilliantly productive life ended in 1849, and see a blast of blue. The sensual colours of his woodblock prints, those exquisite shades ...

The big picture: challenging fashion stereotypes

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Nadine Ijewere grew up in Peckham in south-east London and until she picked up a camera in sixth form she planned to study medicine. At school, there was a darkroom where she could process film and the excitement of w...

A happy baby on a train: Dina Alfasi’s best phone picture

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Dina Alfasi has often said that her favourite place to shoot is on the train. It’s not only a mobile studio with, as she puts it, great natural light and interesting subjects; it also lends itself to contemplation, to...

Picture Stories -resensie - hoe een nuusblad Britse fotografie opgeblaas het

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Met sagteware vir fotoredigering en diepfals wat steeds die vertroue in visuele media steeds ondermyn, dit voel amper vreemd om terug te keer na 'n tyd van eerbiedige belangstelling en geloof in foto's - toe hulle 'n totemiese blaai gehad het..

The big picture: standing out from the crowd in New Delhi, 1984

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The photographer Mitch Epstein fell in love with the idea of India long before he went there. As a young man from small-town New England, he watched Ravi Shankar play the sitar at the Woodstock festival and paid $35 t ...

Ikea Symfonisk picture frame review: Sonos wifi speaker hidden by art

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The latest device from Ikea’s novel partnership with the wifi-speaker maker Sonos is a bit different: a speaker hidden in a picture frame. The Symfonisk picture frame costs £179 ($199) and joins Ikea’s other unusual s...

The big picture: Marvel Harris captures a joyous moment during his gender transition

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When he was a child, Marvel Harris had always felt joyful in the rain, but in his teenage years he’d forgotten that feeling. In adolescence, bewonder, who is autistic, experienced depression and gender dysphoria which p...

The big picture: vodka and sunshine in southern Siberia, 1993

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In the years immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen travelled through some of the outlying states, living with families and documenting ordinary lives. One of the ...

‘There’s nothing left in Lytton’: the Canadian village destroyed by wildfire – picture essay

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Vince Abbott had an afternoon of fishing planned – he was going angling for spring salmon in the nearby river – when he heard shouts of panic and felt a searing heat. After three punishing days of record-breaking temp...

A picture in time: Fanny Durack and Mina Wylie at the 1912 Olimpiese Spele

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Die 1912 Olympics were the first to include swimming events for women – the 100m freestyle and the 4x100m freestyle relay (it wasn’t until 1928 that women were permitted to compete in athletics events). Fanny Durack ...

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