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Adam Buxton: ‘We’re in the sad sandwich of life, but it has a surprising zing of pickle’

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London-born, Norfolk-based writer, broadcaster and actor Adam Buxton, 51, found fame in a comedy duo with his best friend from school, Joe Cornish – first on their Channel 4 comedy series The Adam and Joe Show, then o...

How to cook with leftover pickle juicerecipe

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Pickle juice (especially when it’s lacto-fermented) is the perfect solution in which to brine a ham, chicken or chop. The salt content and aromatics are just right to create the ideal conditions for an umami flavour e...

Pickle green beans and enjoy them long after summer – recipe

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Air-freighted green beans are a perfect example of our broken food system. They are a prolific and well-adapted local crop, so help reduce industry waste and emissions by enjoying UK-grown beans in season and preservi...