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Man hospitalised without Medicare after being set ablaze shows precarity of Pacific Island fruit pickers

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A Pacific farmworker who left his fruit picking job to work for a labour hire company ended up in hospital, without access to Medicare, after he was allegedly set alight by another worker. Sione Lavalu spent 74 days i...

Migrant fruit pickers charged thousands in illegal fees to work on UK farms, investigation shows

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Ditya*, a single mother from Nepal, is used to travelling abroad for work. For years she has made a living as a migrant farm worker, where she can earn several times what she would in her home country. Last year she a...

First world war bomb survives bumpy ride in Yorkshire litter pickers’ car

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Two litter pickers unwittingly drove half a mile home with a live first world war bomb in the car as their weekly good deed turned into a scene from a Hollywood thriller. Rachel Wills and Simon Briscombe thought they ...

Fruit pickers lured to Portugal by the dream of a ‘raspberry passport’

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Three days after Sagar* arrived as a worker in Portugal from Nepal, he began to worry he had made a terrible mistake. “I had expectations to get good work, good money," hy sê. “But the reality was different.” The on...