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‘All my friends went home’: a fruit picker on life without EU workers

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Eleanor Popa used to sleep in a six-berth caravan on the site of Sharrington Strawberries, a 16-hectare (40-acre) strawberry farm in Melton Constable, Norfolk. Adesso, there are only four people in her caravan: everyone ...

When Will Picker broke his back on his NSW farm there was no mobile phone reception – so he crawled for 1km

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L'anno scorso, Hannah Sparks got a call from her partner Will Picker telling her he had an accident, but before he could give her any more details of what had happened or where he was, they lost the phone connection. Pick...

Star stock picker Terry Smith paid nearly £30m as Fundsmith booms

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The popular British stock picker Terry Smith pocketed nearly £30m last year, making him one of the best-paid executives in the fund management industry. Accounts filed at Companies House show the Fundsmith executive –...