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Xavi is the epitome of Barcelona brilliance but times have changed

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Xavi is back. With him as coach, Barcelona want to revive a great era. Thanks to his technique and overview, he was a world-class footballer who played strategically and with the team in mind. He supported his teammat...

Sports stars can no longer plead ignorance. They have political power and must use it

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Sport is politics. There is no question about that at the beginning of the year when the Winter Olympics are taking place in Beijing and the World Cup in Qatar. You only have to open the newspaper these days. The Fran...

England and Germany are both works in progress, but Southgate has more stability

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My first memories as a football fan are to do with England. I rooted for my national team in the semi-final duels in 1990 en 1996. Germany won both games on penalties and went on to win the titles. England could have...

A World Cup every two years would finally kill football’s golden goose

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There has never been so much football. Every day, someone somewhere plays someone else, and you can follow it all over the world on any device – live, on demand, or just the highlights, on YouTube, DAZN or Twitter. Th ...

France and Belgium look strong but key at Euro 2020 will be improvisation

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It is sometimes said that national teams are no longer in keeping with the times. In werklikheid, the concept of nation is historically burdened, especially in Europe. But it is not only a suitable form that organises our co...

Mancini and Southgate set the example other countries should follow

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As the 2024 European Championship will take place in Germany I am naturally interested in the appearance and impact of the home teams at the current tournament. It is important for the atmosphere and reach of a tourna...

A bigger, more diverse European super league can help enrich football

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Football has changed for the better. In the 1980s, it was open season on artists like Diego Maradona, with foul specialists sent in to stop him. You can watch the clips on YouTube, and be horrified. The end, back then...

Make no mistake, Pep Guardiola’s football is a celebration of individuality

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I remember a lot from Pep Guardiola. “In important matches,” he said to me, “I just pick my best XI.” You have to listen carefully, the sentence contains the core of what football is about: individual quality. Guardio...

Manchester City and Chelsea continue to learn the lessons of Sacchi’s revolution

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Like art, business or politics, football is shaped by personalities. The present one is influenced by three coaches from Italy, Portugal and Spain. This will also be evident at Saturday’s Champions League final betwee...