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sí, Tenemos que vivir con Covid, pero no con ministros tan irresponsables.

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Cuando finalmente ocurre la investigación oficial sobre la crisis del Covid-19, la fase actual de la pandemia justificará tanto escrutinio como cualquiera de las anteriores. Seguramente es el más extraño y, en cierto modo, el más distu ...

Philip Hammond adds cryptocurrency role to post-Treasury jobs list

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The former chancellor Philip Hammond has added another job to the dozen or so he has taken on since leaving the Treasury in 2019, this time as an adviser to a Mayfair-based cryptocurrency trading firm. Lord Hammond, w ...

Horror at the Faroes dolphin slaughter is only human – but it risks hypocrisy

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Witnessing the mass movement of wild animals can seem to be a rebuttal of the disastrous news we hear, daily, of our natural environment. We know they are threatened, in their very choreography, but in the sight of th...

US tobacco giant Philip Morris International snaps up 22.6% stake in Vectura

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American tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PYMES) has snapped up a 22.6% stake in Vectura as it closes in on a controversial £1.1bn takeover. The cigarette maker has hired investment banking giant BofA Securiti...

La mayor contribución de Nueva Zelanda a la lucha climática es su ejemplo positivo

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¿Debería Nueva Zelanda mantenerse en sus objetivos de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero?? "Por supuesto!"Puedes estar pensando, y no serías el único. Existe un amplio apoyo a la acción climática en Aotearoa. Llevó a grabar ....

Las organizaciones benéficas de salud instan a la junta de Vectura a rechazar la adquisición de Philip Morris

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Más que 20 organizaciones benéficas de salud, public health experts and doctors have urged the board of the UK asthma inhaler maker Vectura to reject a £1bn takeover bid from the tobacco company Philip Morris International. PMI rais...

Philip Morris and Carlyle face possible auction contest for Vectura

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Tobacco company Philip Morris International and US private equity group Carlyle could go head-to-head in a rare auction process to resolve the £1bn takeover battle for Vectura, the asthma inhaler maker. A five-day auc...

Philip Morris raises bid for UK inhaler maker Vectura to £1bn – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

Labour accuses Philip Hammond of breaking ministerial code

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The former chancellor Philip Hammond has been accused by Labour of breaking the ministerial code, after reportedly writing to the Treasury to advocate for a bank he is a paid adviser for. The former MP, who is now a C...

Carlyle ups bid for inhaler firm Vectura, trumping tobacco giant Philip Morris

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US private equity firm Carlyle has made an improved £958m takeover offer for British inhaler maker Vectura, trumping an earlier bid from tobacco company Philip Morris International that had alarmed medical experts. Ca...

Xi Jinping should take the Zhengzhou floods as a warning from China’s history

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The footage of a torrent of muddy water engulfing the broad thoroughfares of Zhengzhou, porcelana, may look like a scene from an apocalyptic sci-fi movie. But for China’s leaders, these images speak not only to a dystopia...

Angela Merkel: bowing out, the chancellor who balances Bundestag with Bunsen burner

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As she faced a lecture-hall sized auditorium packed with national and international press for the last time in her 16-year chancellorship, there was a sense that the room was simultaneously hearing from two very diffe...

New Zealand farmers’ demands are unrealistic – but they are suffering and deserve support

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El viernes, tractors crawled through cities and towns across New Zealand, in a planned demonstration against environmental regulations. The “Howl of a Protest”, organised by the rural grassroots organisation Groundswel...

Classical home listening: Nino Rota, Philip Glass and Stravinsky

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The composer, pianist and conductor Nino Rota (1911-79) is best remembered for countless brilliant cinema scores, notably for The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, but also for classics by his fellow Italians, la...

From Nice humiliation to Wembley final: following England’s Euro rise

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As I walk down Olympic Way from Wembley Park tube station on Sunday night, in hope though not expectation, I will think Nice thoughts. About complacency, about comedy, and above all the near-agony of the miles-long tr...

Philip Morris International makes £1bn offer for pharma firm Vectura

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Philip Morris International, the tobacco company and maker of Marlboro cigarettes, has struck a £1bn deal to buy Vectura, the British pharmaceutical company developing a pioneering inhaled treatment for Covid-19. los ...

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