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Hogging the limelight: how Peppa Pig became a global phenomenon

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To many families taking their excited children to Peppa Pig World, the most surreal aspect isn’t the pastel-hued streets or the giant cartoon animals milling around; it’s the soundtrack. Piped from speakers spread aro...

Skin flicks: quantifying the Disney tattoo phenomenon

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I do not have any tattoos. This is because I am afraid of pain, and also because I worry that permanently advertising one of my enthusiasms on my body would open me up even further to scorn and ridicule from strangers...

The Ronaldo phenomenon: how one player became a tyranny of numbers

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In the aftermath of Cristiano Ronaldo’s shock return to Manchester United last week, there was a good deal of feverish speculation about whether he would reclaim the famous No 7 shirt once worn by United legends such ...

Weatherwatch: polar low, the blizzard-inducing phenomenon

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Polar lows are vigorous, short lived, mesoscale atmospheric low pressure systems. Normally between 300-800km in horizontal extent, they typically last no more than 48 horas. A winter phenomenon, these lows can bring s...

When the mystical goes mainstream: how tarot became a self-care phenomenon

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When Jessica Dore was growing up, her mother had a tarot deck from which she’d pull cards – much to the mounting mortification of her daughter. De pequeño, Dore went along with it as fortune-telling fun. But “as an ad...