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'Voorlopige goedkeuring': Australiese kinders van vyf jaar tot 11 gereed om Pfizer Covid-entstof vanaf middel Januarie te ontvang

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Australiese kinders van vyf jaar tot 11 kan so gou as moontlik die Pfizer-entstof teen Covid ontvang 10 Januarie, na voorlopige goedkeuring deur die land se dwelmreguleerder. Die Terapeutiese Goedere Administrasie (TGA) gre...

Pfizer strikes deal to allow generic versions of its Covid pill for world’s poor

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US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has announced a deal to make its prospective antiviral Covid-19 pill available more cheaply in the world’s least-wealthy countries. Pfizer will allow generic manufacturers to supply its ...

Pfizer Covid pills highly effective at preventing deaths, trial suggests

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Pfizer has said that its experimental antiviral pill for Covid-19 cut rates of hospital admission and death by nearly 90%, as the drugmaker joins the race to bring the first easy-to-use medication against the coronavi...

CDC advisers recommend Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for young children

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Advisers to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday unanimously supported broad use of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine in children ages five to 11, with shots possibly going into youn...

Pfizer raises Covid-19 vaccine sales forecast to $36bn for 2021

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The US drugmaker Pfizer has lifted its 2021 forecast for revenues from its Covid vaccine to $36bn (£26.3bn), after bumper sales in the third quarter. The Covid jab, called Comirnaty and developed with Germany’s BioNTe...

Pfizer Covid jab ‘90% effective against hospitalisation for at least 6 months’

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Two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine are “highly effective” at preventing hospitalisations for at least six months, a large-scale study shows, but protection against infection nearly halves over the same per...

CDC overrides advisory panel to back Pfizer booster for Americans with high-risk jobs

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has broken with advice from its own internal advisory panel to back a booster shot of the Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for Americans aged 65 en ouer, adults ...

FDA keur Pfizer Covid-19 versterkingsskote goed vir Amerikaners 65 en ouer

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Die Amerikaanse voedsel- en dwelmadministrasie het Woensdag 'n versterkingsdosis van die Pfizer- en BioNTech Covid-19-entstof vir daardie ouderdomme goedgekeur 65 en ouer en sommige Amerikaners met 'n hoë risiko, maak die weg oop vir 'n vinnige uitrol van die ....

UK to send 1m Pfizer vaccine doses to South Korea in swap deal

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One million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine are being sent from the UK to South Korea as part of a swap deal. South Korea will return the same “overall volume of doses” before the end of the year, the Departme...

US children aged 5 aan 11 on track to receive Pfizer vaccine by Halloween

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In news sure to be greeted by parents across the US, Pfizer and BioNTech said on Monday children aged five to 11 are on track to receive the two companies’ Covid-19 vaccination by Halloween. Albert Bourla, chairman a...

FDA advisers vote not to recommend Pfizer booster shots for most Americans

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Scientific advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have voted not to recommend a third shot of the Pfizer vaccine for most Americans, a potentially significant blow to the Biden administration after it a...

Coronavirus regstreeks: Suid -Afrika se reguleerder keur Pfizer -jab goed vir kinders 12 en oor; maskers kan in Engeland terugkeer as die gevalle in die winter opduik

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Die Suid -Afrikaanse Gesondheidsprodukte -owerheid sê die besluit is geneem nadat die opgedateerde veiligheidsinligting hersien is; Die winterplan van Boris Johnson kan die herinvoering van beperkings insluitend maskers en sosiale afstande behels

Pfizer accused of holding Brazil ‘to ransom’ over vaccine contract demands

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Pfizer has been accused of holding Brazil “to ransom” over demands to shield itself from possible vaccine side-effect lawsuits in its contract to supply the country with 100m Covid jabs. In its $1bn (£700m) deal with ...

Nieu -Seelandse Covid -opdatering: Ardern secures 250,000 Pfizer doses from Spain as 13 nuwe gevalle aangeteken

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Daily cases in New Zealand’s coronavirus outbreak have continued to fall, with just 13 new infections recorded on Thursday, the sixth day in a row that numbers have been below 21. The downward trend is an encouraging ...

Jacinda Ardern finalising deals for extra Pfizer doses as Covid cases steady

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New Zealand’s Covid cases continue to plateau, met 21 new cases announced on Tuesday. The country has reported 20 cases a day for the past three days in a row. All of the new cases are in Auckland, the city which rem...

Australia Covid updates: Pfizer vaccines arrive from UK as NSW expects cases to grow – follow live

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A renewed push for people around Australia to take up the Pfizer vaccine is under way as two planeloads arrived from the UK. Volg die nuutste opdaterings regstreeks

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