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BP rations petrol and diesel deliveries to its service stations

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BP is rationing deliveries of petrol and diesel to its UK network of 1,200 service stations, as the oil giant became the latest firm to warn that the national shortage of HGV drivers is disrupting its business. The Gu...

Electric car insurance in UK ‘is £45 less than for petrol or diesel vehicle’

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The average cost of insuring an electric car in the UK is £45 less than the cost of covering a petrol or diesel car, according to research from the website Analysis of annual premiums in the firs...

Elon Musk’s Tesla lobbied UK to raise tax on petrol and diesel

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Elon Musk’s Tesla lobbied the UK government to raise taxes on petrol and diesel cars in order to fund bigger subsidies for electric vehicles, alongside a ban on hybrids. The US electric car pioneer called for a rise i...

Car industry lobbied UK government to delay ban on petrol and diesel cars

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Britain’s biggest car manufacturers lobbied the government to delay a ban on petrol and diesel cars by warning that sales would plunge and jobs would be at risk from accelerating the transition to electric vehicles, ...