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UK petrol price hits all-time high amid oil market pressure

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UK petrol prices have hit their highest level on record in a blow to hard-hit households and small businesses, and could rise further in the coming weeks as the global energy crisis drives oil markets to a three-year ...

UK petrol prices predicted to hit record high within days

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Motorists will be paying more than ever to fill up the tank by the end of October, according to petrol station owners, prompting a row over the cause of sky-high prices at the pumps. The Petrol Retailers Association (...

UK petrol price passes £1.40 a litre, highest in almost a decade

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The price of petrol at UK pumps has passed £1.40 a litre, its highest point in almost a decade, increasing the pressure on consumers as inflation bites. Average forecourt prices were last this high in September 2012, ...

In mezzo alla crisi del petrolio, è ora di passare a un'auto elettrica??

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As some petrol stations ran out of fuel and queues of cars lined up outside those that did have stocks, causando lunghe attese per gli automobilisti in attesa di fare il pieno, many drivers’ thoughts turned to the option of buying an ...

‘It was war’: school-run parents tackle petrol crisis traffic chaos

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Bounds Green primary school sits on a road so busy it has a bridge for a pedestrian crossing. Even on a good day the air is acrid, suffused by mephitic fumes belched continuously by traffic on the A109, which bisects ...

Petrol retailers call for inquiry into fuel crisis as problems continue

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The UK’s petrol retailers have called for an independent inquiry into the fuel crisis to ensure it does not happen again, saying the shortages are not easing quickly enough. A lack of lorry drivers and panic-buying ov...

UK petrol prices are closing in on all-time high, warns RAC

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Petrol prices could reach all-time highs before Christmas, the RAC warned, signalling “misery” for motorists still reeling from the fuel shortage crisis. Amid signs that the number of petrol forecourts running dry was...

Boris Johnson: petrol crisis and pig cull part of necessary post-Brexit transition

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Queues for petrol and mass culls of pigs at farms because of a lack of abattoir workers are part of a necessary transition for Britain to emerge from a broken economic model based on low wages, Boris Johnson has argue...

Nearly half of UK’s independent petrol stations still lack fuel

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Nearly half of all independently owned petrol stations in the UK were still dry or out of one type of fuel on Thursday, as motorists continued to panic buy and soldiers stood by to drive tankers to help with the refue...

Petrol shortage: customers still panic-buying, says fuel retail boss

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Customers are still panic-buying petrol across the country with filling stations emptied within hours, the chair of the Petrol Retailers Association has said, as a Conservative MP urged the army to start deliveries to...

UK petrol stations show ‘very tentative signs of stabilisation’, says transport secretary – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie, as the UK’s supply chain crisis continues

Boris Johnson to consider using army to supply petrol stations

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Hundreds of soldiers could be scrambled to deliver fuel to petrol stations running dry across the country due to panic buying and a shortage of drivers under an emergency plan expected to be considered by Boris Johnso...

‘Militant cyclist’ lists fuel tax lobbyist’s home as petrol station on Google Maps

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As the longstanding boss of the FairFuelUK organisation, which campaigns against tax rises on petrol, Howard Cox is used to criticism from environmentalists and cyclists. What he did not expect was someone listing his...

‘I was empty, I’m not panic-buying’: in the petrol queue on the North Circular

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A kilometre of one of the UK’s most congested roads was on Sunday taking on a new, unwanted role: the queue for a BP garage still managing to sell petrol. Julian Dunbar estimated he had waited an hour and a half on th...

The petrol queues seem like a throwback. But at least in the 70s our leaders weren’t so callow

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Among the words that will send the collective British psyche into panic, three are among the most potent: Christmas, benzina, and winter. Put them together, and you have the perfect ingredients for a crisis, made all t...

Panic buying rather than shortages causing queues at UK petrol stations, AA head says

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Panic buying rather than supply chain issues is driving the shortage of fuel at some petrol stations in the UK, the president of a motoring association has said, amid continued reports of queues for fuel on Saturday. ...

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