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Human remains found in search for Gabby Petito fiance Brian Laundrie

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Partial human remains were found on Wednesday in a Florida wilderness area where authorities were searching for Brian Laundrie, the fiance of Gabby Petito, a young woman who disappeared on a road trip with Laundrie, T...

Gabby Petito died of strangulation. Far too many other women have, pure

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Most women who are strangled by their husbands or boyfriends don’t cooperate with law enforcement. Because strangulation, when it doesn’t kill, frequently causes traumatic brain injuries, these women sometimes can’t s...

Gabby Petito: mourners gather in Long Island as search for fiance goes on

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Mourners attended a Long Island funeral home on Sunday for a viewing for Gabby Petito, the 22-year-old woman whose death on a cross-country trip sparked a manhunt for her fiance. Among those who congregated in Holbro...

Gabby Petito: coroner confirms death by homicide as search for fiance continues

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The FBI says a county coroner has confirmed that human remains found in remote northern Wyoming along the border of Grand Teton national park are those of 22-year-old Gabby Petito, who disappeared while on a cross-cou...

Gabby Petito: autopsy to be conducted as search continues for fiance

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Medical examiners in North Port, Florida, were scheduled to conduct an autopsy on Tuesday on a body found in Wyoming, seeking to determine if it is Gabby Petito, the 22-year-old “van life” traveler who disappeared. T ...

Gabby Petito: Florida police search for fiance after remains found

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Police in Florida are searching for the missing fiance of Gabby Petito, whose body appears to have been found in a wilderness camping area in Wyoming. The disappearance of Petito, 22, during a four-month cross-country...

Mystery deepens as police search for fiance of missing Gabby Petito

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Più di 50 law enforcement officers on Sunday started a second day of searching in a vast Florida wildlife reserve for 23-year-old Brian Laundrie, a person of interest in the disappearance of his fiancee, Gabby Peti...

Florida police search for boyfriend of missing woman Gabby Petito

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Police are searching for the boyfriend of a woman who went missing while they were on a road trip in the US. Officers in Florida said they were working with the FBI to locate 23-year-old Brian Laundrie, a person of in...

Gabby Petito disappearance: family urge fiance to help with investigation

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Authorities and the family of a woman who disappeared during a cross-country camper van journey with her fiance in Utah have appealed to the man and his family after they refused to cooperate with the investigation. P...