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‘King of Sheffield’ memorial built without permission, council says

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A row has reportedly broken out between a bereaved family and a council after a 37-tonne marble memorial to a former bare-knuckle boxer featuring a solar-powered jukebox was erected in a cemetery in Sheffield. Sheffie...

Lancashire grants planning permission for Eden Project North

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A northern English outpost of the Eden Project has moved a step closer to reality after councillors in Lancashire granted planning permission for the £125m eco-attraction. Eden Project North, which would be built in g...

Father sues Michigan school after teacher cuts daughter’s hair without permission

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A father in Michigan filed a $1m lawsuit against staff at his daughter’s school after the seven-year old biracial girl’s hair was cut without her parents’ permission. The lawsuit filed on 14 September in federal court...

UK-based Lions refused permission to fly straight home from South Africa

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Britannico & Irish Lions players based in the UK will be unable to fly straight home following Saturday’s deciding Test against the Springboks, after South Africa was kept on the red list and the government rejected ...