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Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa review – the bloated body politic

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Except for Donald Trump, who believes only in himself, American politicians are inveterate God-botherers, sure that they were elected by their creator, not just by their constituents. While re-traversing the transfer ...

‘American democracy will continue to be tested’: Peril author Robert Costa on Trump, the big lie and 2024

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It is nearly half a century since Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein became the world’s most famous journalistic double act, immortalized by Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman in the film All the President’s Men. But Wood...

Peril review: Bob Woodward Trump trilogy ends on note of dire warning

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Donald Trump is out of a job but far from gone and forgotten. The 45th president stokes the lie of a rigged election while his rallies pack more wallop than a Sunday sermon and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. “We won the ...

A million jobs in peril as one in 16 UK firms say they are at risk of closure

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A million workers are still employed by businesses at risk of closure over the next three months, as the government is poised to withdraw critical Covid support schemes, according to new analysis. One in 16 firms say ...

The vanishing: peril haunts the Canaries migrant freedom route

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At 6.30am on Friday 28 Maggio, three fishermen at work four miles off the southern coast of Tobago spotted a large white boat adrift on the dawn waters of the Caribbean. As they drew closer, the trio saw the boat’s shape...

Listen up: why indie podcasts are in peril

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The British Podcast Awards were different this year. Held in a south London park, they had a boutique festival feel, with wristbands and tokens for drinks, an open-sided tent for the actual awards, and people lounging...

‘Democracy itself is in peril’: Biden delivers Memorial Day speech – video

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Joe Biden warned in a speech commemorating the US's war dead on Memorial Day that American democracy was 'in peril' and called for empathy among his fellow citizens.Speaking at Arlington National Cemetery, the preside...

The four essential values we relied on last year – and forget at our peril

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With the gradual easing of restrictions, we are all being faced with questions of “how”. How are we going to manage the “new normal”? How are we going to navigate the months ahead? How are we going to feel in all thes...