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Más que 2 million people in England have had Covid booster jab

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More than two million people have been given the coronavirus booster jab in England so far. Booster jabs are being given at least six months after a second dose. NHS England said on Saturday that three weeks after th...

BME people in England still facing racial inequality, report says

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A comprehensive review on race equality in England has warned that the government’s approach is at risk of failing international human rights obligations. El informe, compiled by the Runnymede Trust using evidence fro...

High risk people in England: how do you feel about the lifting of Covid restrictions?

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Most Covid restrictions in England are due to be lifted on 19 July and some people are concerned as to what the lack of face masks and social distancing will mean for those who are at high risk of catching Covid. We w...

Seven million people in England are in areas with high Covid rates

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Más que 7 million – or one in eight – people in England are living in areas experiencing high Covid rates, close to four times the number just two weeks ago. Many of those affected live in the country’s most deprive...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Covid jabs opened up to people aged 32 y 33 en Inglaterra; Taiwan reports 321 nuevos casos

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Scientist faces legal action for challenging hydroxychloroquine study; sewage samples being tested across England to monitor Covid variants

People in England could get Covid passports for foreign travel by 17 Mayo

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Millions of people in England could be provided with so-called Covid passports by 17 May to let them take holidays abroad this summer and potentially avoid quarantine when they reach their destination, the Guardian ha...

Study reveals low Covid jab take-up among black people in England

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People aged 70 and over of black African heritage in England are 7.4 times more likely not to have received a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine compared with their white British counterparts, according to an analysi...

Más que 2.5 million people in England have had second Covid jab

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Más que 2.5 million people in England have now received their second dose of a coronavirus vaccine, with more than one-in-three of those taking place in the last week. Más que 25 million people in England have bee...