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More people in path of lava from La Palma volcano forced to flee

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Five hundred more people have been forced to flee their homes on the Canary island of La Palma as the ongoing volcanic eruption pushed streams of lava towards inhabited coastal areas and raised fears over the formatio...

People in the UK: how is your household affected by rising costs?

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UK inflation has hit the highest figure in nearly a decade, having jumped to 3.2% en agosto, desde 2% in July, the highest rate since March 2012. We’d like to hear how people in the UK are experiencing rising costs for...

Rusia disparando: Hombre armado mata a ocho personas en la Universidad Estatal de Perm

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A gunman has opened fire at a university in Russia, dejando ocho personas muertas y 24 herir. El sospechoso fue detenido después del tiroteo en la Universidad Estatal de Perm el lunes por la mañana., según el ministerio del interior. Th ...

Claudia Roden: "¿Qué quiero de la vida ahora?? Tener gente alrededor de mi mesa "

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Claudia Roden no estaba segura de que a nadie le interesara que ella escribiera otro libro de cocina. "Seguí diciéndole a mi agente, "Nadie querrá un libro de un octogenario!’”, Dice en una videollamada. Roden acaba de convertirse 85 ...

"No queremos que la gente entre en pánico,"Dice el jefe de la policía de moralidad talibán

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Mawlawi Mohammad Shebani está oficialmente a cargo de vigilar la moral en todo Kandahar., el corazón de los talibanes en el sur de Afganistán. Es recién nombrado jefe de la oficina provincial para la promoción de la virtud a ...

"Hazlo por nuestros hijos": Ardern insta a las personas a recibir la vacuna Covid como informa Nueva Zelanda 13 casos

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Jacinda Ardern ha implorado a la gente que se vacune "para nuestros hijos", como informó Nueva Zelanda 13 nuevos casos de coronavirus en la comunidad, incluido un camionero que viajó fuera de Auckland como trabajador esencial..

‘Now I know love is real!’ The people who gave up on romance – then found it in lockdown

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When the country first went into lockdown, I – reluctantly – reloaded my dating app. With the world on pause and friends navigating the choppy waters of home schooling, I needed something to pass the time. I had never...

As a paediatrician, I believe it’s right to vaccinate young people aged 12 a 15

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The UK’s four chief medical officers (CMOs) have recommended that Covid-19 vaccinations be offered to all children aged 12 a 15. The the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), that guides vaccination...

Why are so many Covid-made films focused on rich people?

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When all is said and done, the quarantine movie might be Hollywood’s briefest genre. It was borne only out of circumstance. When the world went into lockdown last spring and Hollywood effectively paused all production...

Super teens: Raducanu and five other young people reaching career heights

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Emma Raducanu’s remarkable victory in the US Open was, among other things, a victory for the fearlessness of youth. The Guardian has picked out six teenagers, including Raducanu, who despite their tender years have al...

Social care plan will help just a tenth of UK’s older people in need

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Boris Johnson’s flagship plan to fix social care will benefit a fraction of the people who need help, the Observer can disclose, as charities and campaigners urge ministers to act now or see thousands being left witho...

‘Kids need two things – love and education’: how Ian Wright and Musa Okwonga are inspiring young people through fiction

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Sometimes the detail of a single life story can stop half a nation in its tracks. One such arresting moment was the footballer Ian Wright’s extraordinary Desert Island Discs interview with Lauren Laverne in February l...

Tan France: ‘People assume I’m older than I am’

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When I was young, my focus wasn’t on my queerness. It was more on being south Asian. I was raised in a small town in South Yorkshire. On the way to and from school, you just didn’t know if you were going to get attack...

‘I’m the face of it’: the people whose images came to define 9/11 reflect on the day

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Marcy Borders was a 28-year-old Bank of America employee when she fled from the north tower on 9/11. She became known as “the dust lady” because of a single indelible photograph. She died from stomach cancer in 2015....

Ex-police officer jailed for assaults on two people while on duty

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A former West Midlands police officer convicted of assaulting two members of the public, including a 15-year-old boy, while on duty during the first Covid lockdown has been sentenced to six months in prison. PC Declan...

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