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Clare Shine: ‘I want people to look at my mistakes and not make the same ones’

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Almost two years have passed since Clare Shine felt that, after trying so hard to keep going, everything had come crashing down forever. She had already achieved what once felt impossible, rehabilitating from drug and...

Several people injured at California rodeo as bull jumps fence into crowd

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Several people were injured when a bull jumped a fence and escaped an arena during a popular northern California rodeo, las autoridades dijeron. The escape occurred on Friday during the final section of the Redding Rodeo’s b...

The people making a difference: the man who made blokes strip off and feel good about themselves

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Paul Goddard was susceptible to peer pressure growing up. “To try and fit in I’d commit crimes with the other guys who were older than me," él dice. “Shoplifting, stealing cars. I was a bit of a turd, to be honest.” H...

Cómo nos conocimos: ‘My dad was a docker and her parents were very middle class. People gave us three weeks’

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Como un joven, Alan was the first to admit he didn’t know anything about girls. But after many years at a same-sex school in Chingford, en 1974 he went to sixth form, where they had mixed classes. When he arrived at h...

Number of displaced people passes 100m for the first time, dice ONU

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The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has said the global number of forcibly displaced people has passed 100 million for the first time, describing it as a “staggering milestone”. The UN high commissioner for refugees, Filipp...

Stephen Mangan and his sister Anita look back: ‘People would say he was so talented – and I’d think, “No he’s not”’

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Stephen Mangan was born in Enfield, Londres, en 1968. After graduating from Rada in 1994, he became a renowned stage actor before appearing in BBC One’s Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years in 2001. Known for his witherin...

Trump isn’t out there with a gun, but he’s enabled this war against black people

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Last weekend, just as I finished a live performance in California of Four Questions, the Grammy award-winning jazz collaboration for which I provided spoken words, word reached me about the racist killing of 10 gente...

Who tears people away from their families and flies them halfway around the world? The UK government

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I have recently been thinking about the way we treat people who have broken the law. There is a significant philosophical issue here regarding the kind of societies we, as members of a globalised world, want to live i...

Linkedin is a place full of polite people being nice to youso why am I drawn to the war zone that is Twitter?

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Does our existence on a social media platform have the lifespan of a dog (10-13 años) or a person (72.6 años) or a palm tree (80 años)? I guess we don’t know because the end has not been written in the code, instea...

Outrage as ministers reject post-Grenfell safety plans for disabled people

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Ministers have rejected a key recommendation from the Grenfell Tower public inquiry that all disabled tenants should be given a personal evacuation plan in the event of a fire, sparking anger from survivors and disabi...

Reseña de A Hero of the People: Ibsen diluido en Gales

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Hacia el final de la reinvención de Brad Birch de An Enemy of the People de Ibsen, el granjero Patrick coloca una botella de agua en el centro del escenario e invita al entusiasta del fracking y diputado local Mick Powell a tomar un sorbo. Él...

Green spaces are not accessible for 2.8m people in UK, encuentra estudio

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Por poco 2.8 million people in the UK live more than 10 minutes walk from a public park, garden or playing field, según estudios. Fields in Trust, which protects and campaigns for public green spaces, found just ...

Keir Starmer: PM choosing to let people struggle by delaying energy windfall tax

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Keir Starmer has urged Boris Johnson to “make up his mind” and impose a windfall tax on North Sea energy firms, adding that the prime minister is “choosing to let people struggle” by delaying any further action. Durin...

Why do white supremacists want to kill Black people?

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After a century of attempts by Black activists and lawmakers, President Joe Biden signed the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act on the White House lawn, surrounded by Black politicians, clergy, and nonprofit leaders. años explotó con dinamita esta semana.

‘People should be more aware’: the business dynasties who benefited from Nazis

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Colonial and Confederate statues toppled. Looted objects returned by contrite museums. Tainted family names such as Sackler expunged from buildings. A worldwide reckoning with the past crimes of great powers is under ...

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