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NHS sent my wife a penalty notice for getting a prescription

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My wife has a direct debit for an NHS prescription prepay certificate, which auto-renews every year. Recentemente, she received a penalty charge notice (PCN) for a prescription she collected three months ago. It appears t...

Pressure grows on Foreign Office to help free Briton facing death penalty in Iraq

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Ministers are under increasing pressure to help free a retired British geologist at risk of facing the death penalty in Iraq over smuggling allegations. A petition urging the release of father-of-two Jim Fitton, 66, h...

Parkland school shooting: jury selection begins in death penalty trial

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Jury selection in the death penalty trial of Nikolas Cruz, who murdered 17 students and staff members in a 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, began on Monday after years of delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic. ...

Met says 20 fixed penalty notices to be issued over Downing Street parties

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Twenty fixed penalty notices will be issued for breaches of Covid rules after allegations of lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street, Scotland Yard has said. The Metropolitan police said the fines were the first t...

People of colour may face ‘ethnicity penalty’ on car insurance in England

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Hundreds of thousands of people of colour may be paying an “ethnicity penalty” of at least £280 a year each in higher car insurance costs, an investigation by Citizens Advice has claimed. The national charity said its...

Accused 9/11 plotters reportedly in talks over deal to avoid death penalty trial

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-defendants accused of planning the 9/11 attacks are reportedly in talks with US prosecutors over a potential plea deal that would see them plead guilty in exchange for avoiding the d...

lavoratori per arretrato pandemico

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lavoratori per arretrato pandemico. lavoratori per arretrato pandemico, lavoratori per arretrato pandemico. lavoratori per arretrato pandemico: lavoratori per arretrato pandemico, lavoratori per arretrato pandemico, lavoratori per arretrato pandemico.

Papua Nuova Guinea abroga la pena di morte 30 anni dopo la reintroduzione

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La Papua Nuova Guinea ha abrogato la pena di morte 30 anni dopo averlo reintrodotto, con il primo ministro James Marape che afferma che "non era un deterrente efficace per crimini gravi". Reati come il tradimento, pirateria, omicidio ...

La divisione della pena di morte in America: perché la pena capitale sta migliorando?, e peggio

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Più della metà degli stati negli Stati Uniti ha abolito la pena di morte o ha messo in atto sospensioni formali, mentre l'uso del paese della brutale punizione continua ad appassire sulla vite. Quando Virginia divenne t...

Più di 150 global business leaders call for end of death penalty

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Più di 150 global business leaders have signed a declaration calling for the end of the death penalty around the world and criticizing capital punishment for perpetuating inequality. The declaration, part of the Bu...

A penalty bonanza, England’s 10-0 win and a trip to Sheriff – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden è affiancato da Barry Glendenning, Jonathan Wilson, Suzy Wrack and Nick Ames to review each of Tuesday’s Carabou Cup ties in real time How to listen to podcasts: eve...

Sierra Leone abolishes death penalty

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Sierra Leone has become the latest African state to abolish the death penalty after MPs voted unanimously to abandon the punishment. On Friday the west African state became the 23rd country on the continent to end cap...

More late drama as France close out win over Australia with last-gasp penalty

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A stonewall defence and the laser boot of Melvyn Jaminet saw France close out a series-levelling 28-26 win against Australia in Melbourne and savour their first away win over the Wallabies in more than 30 anni. Fullb...

Shell issues £60 penalty after woman stops to breastfeed baby

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I have been sent a £60 parking penalty for spending more than 15 minutes in a Shell petrol station while I breastfed my 12-week-old baby. At the beginning of June I was stuck in heavy traffic on the way to Kent. I cam...

Italy are champions as England relive penalty pain – Euro 2020 Calcio quotidiano

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Max Rushden è affiancato da Barry Glendenning, John Brewin, Elis James and a host of regulars – some more gutted than others – as they reflect on England’s devastating defeat. We also hear from Marcela Mora y Araujo on A...

Jarrod Evans misses last-gasp penalty after Wales fight back against Argentina

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Wales missed a last-minute penalty in their draw 20-20 with an Argentina side who had been reduced to 14 men for most of the match in the first of two tests at the Principality Stadium. The substitute fly-half Jarrod ...

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