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How Pearl Harbor stopped the birth of the LA Browns and changed baseball history

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Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor 80 years ago not only ensured the United States’ entry into the second world war. It inadvertently but categorically changed baseball history. One day after the attack, Major Le...

Cientos de familias militares enfermas por el agua contaminada de Pearl Harbor

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El perro de Cheri Burness fue el primero en señalar que algo andaba mal con el agua del grifo. Dejó de beberlo hace dos semanas.. Entonces Burness comenzó a sentir calambres en el estómago.. Su hija de 12 años tenía náuseas.. “Fue j ...

Pearl Harbor at 20: Michael Bay’s bombastically stupid war epic

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Pearl Harbor water poisoning: US military families say they continue to fall ill

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Beginning in December, US army Major Amanda Feindt and her family found themselves in and out of Tripler army medical center in Honolulu. Primero, her husband for debilitating ocular migraines, then her four-year-old da...

Pearl Harbor’s toxic water caused by shoddy management, navy finds

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A US navy investigation has revealed that shoddy management and human error caused fuel to leak into Pearl Harbor’s tap water last year, poisoning thousands of people and forcing military families to evacuate their ho...

La gran gira de arte británico: a girl with a pearl earring

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In the corridor of Polesden Lacey, Surrey, hangs a small, bust-length picture of a young woman. She wears a fine, red silk dress. A pearl earring glistens in her ear, her face is framed by a gleaming white headcloth. ...

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for grilled mackerel with herbed pearl barley salad

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I love ketchups. I love how their tart sweetness makes my mouth water, and how you can preserve a whole gamut of fruits by cooking them down with onion and spicing in this sweet-sour celebration. The barely-there scen...