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Jonnie Peacock shares Paralympic T64 100m bronze after remarkable dead heat

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The clock ticked past three minutes and still there had been no decision. The men’s T64 100m had certainly been close, with the four leading competitors finishing within four hundredths of a second of one another. Maar ...

Tonight’s TV: Champion sprinter Jonnie Peacock mentors young Paralympic hopefuls

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Ahead of the start of the delayed 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, champion Paralympic sprinter Jonnie Peacock leads this two-part documentary series, beginning a year-long training camp to help five young amputees be...

Andrew Peacock, former Liberal party leader and Australian foreign minister, sterf bejaardes 82

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Former federal Liberal party leader Andrew Peacock has died in the United States aged 82. Peacock was the leader of the Liberal party for two stints in the 1980s and led the Australian conservatives to defeat at the 1...

Trevor Peacock obituary

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Trevor Peacock, the actor and songwriter, wat op ouderdom oorlede is 89 after suffering from dementia, was best known and much loved for his endearing performance as a bumbling parish councillor, Jim Trott, in The Vicar of Dib...

Vicar of Dibley actor Trevor Peacock dies at the age of 89

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Trevor Peacock, who played Jim Trott in the Vicar of Dibley, is op die ouderdom van 89. Peacock who appeared in many British shows, from EastEnders to Jonathan Creek, was suffering from dementia. A statement on behalf...