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How to use up over-ripe or bruised peaches – recipe

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A ripe peach is a beautiful thing: juicy, sweet and full of flavour. But this tender summer fruit has a short shelf life, and is quick to ripen and easily bruised. If your peaches do become over-ripe or bruised, that ...

Rukmini Iyer’s honey and muscat poached peaches with easy almond pastries

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I love the blush on poached peaches, but always worry about overcooking them on the stove. Cue the oven-poached version, with aromatic spiced muscat and honey: in season and fresh from Ocado, perfect to serve with a b...

‘I can sing Wuthering Heights so perfectly, it makes people’s jaws drop’: Peaches’ honest playlist

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The first song I remember hearingJoy to the World by Three Dog Night on the radio in the family car. It came out in 1971, so we would have been driving from our house to our little cottage north of Toronto. That song ...