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Fossil fuel companies paying top law firms millions to ‘dodge responsibility’

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The world’s biggest corporate law firms have been making millions of dollars representing fossil fuel companies but, as the climate crisis intensifies, this work is coming under increasing scrutiny. Over the last five...

UK faces ‘grim winter’ with households already paying £442 extra in bills

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Households face a “plain grim” outlook as higher energy bills and petrol prices force them to find at least £442 extra to get through the winter, according to an analysis. While Boris Johnson used his conference spee...

Who’s paying for the government’s plan to fix social care?

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The government’s plan to fix the ailing social care system passed into law this week. But who will benefit most and who will pick up the bill? Cómo escuchar podcasts: ever...

Days of wine and olives: how the old farming ways are paying off in Spain

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They call it the sea of olives, 70 million olive trees that stretch to the horizon in every direction in the province of Jaén in southern Spain. It’s a spectacular landscape and yet, olives aside, the land is virtuall...

Pagar a la gente $300 vacunarse? Qué crudo, qué sucio, qué poco australiano

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Liftoff? US allows Virgin Galactic to take paying passengers into space

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Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has made another small leap in the billionaire space race after US authorities gave it permission to take paying customers to space. Its licence was enhanced on Friday by the US F...

I’m paying off the mortgage on my flat – what’s the best way to buy a house?

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Q I bought my flat with a mortgage about six years ago, scraping my way in as a first-time buyer just before any of the government’s help-to-buy schemes were available. I chose fairly low repayments and a long mortgag...

I bought my home with a help-to-buy loan. Is it worth paying it back early?

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Q I bought a property two years ago using the help-to-buy equity loan scheme as a first-time buyer. I want to redeem the equity loan – which is about £43,000 – at the end of this year. Does it make sense to do so or s...

Matt Gaetz scandal deepens as associate admits paying 17-year-old for sex

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The scandal engulfing Matt Gaetz, one of Donald Trump’s brashest supporters in Congress, deepened on Friday after an associate admitted sex trafficking involving a minor and agreed to cooperate with investigators. Ya...

Drive for more student diversity paying off, says Oxford University

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The University of Oxford says it has almost doubled the proportion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds starting their studies, as part of a five-year turnaround resulting in its most diverse ever intake. The pr...

Joe Biden: tiempo para que las corporaciones y los estadounidenses más ricos "comiencen a pagar su parte justa’ - video

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El presidente de los Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, ha dicho que es hora de que las corporaciones y los estadounidenses más ricos "comiencen a pagar su parte justa" cuando presentó sus planes de infraestructura y bienestar de $ 4 billones en un evento en Virginia..

Having a politician living in your street is a price worth paying

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Most of you probably don’t want to live next door to a politician. There’s all the unwanted leaflets come election time and think of the constant renovations… But maybe you should think again. That’s one interpretatio...

UK strategy of backing several Covid vaccines seems to be paying off

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The government has said the decision by Johnson & Johnson to delay the supply of its Covid vaccine to Europe, while the US investigates reports of six cases of unusual blood clots in young women who have had the j...

Paying nurses properly doesn’t chime with the Toriespost-Covid vision for society

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As children across the UK return to school, to classrooms of varying ventilation and not-yet-necessarily-vaccinated teachers, as nurses swallow their real-terms pay cut and carry on working, a pattern emerges: this is...

Extra 1.3m people in UK to start paying income tax over next five years

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An extra 1.3 million people will have to start paying income tax – and a further million will be pushed into higher rate taxation – over the next five years, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility. In his b...

Australian government won’t reveal how much it is paying companies to distribute Covid vaccine

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The federal government is refusing to say how much it is paying the four companies it contracted to help distribute the Covid-19 vaccine, saying the information is “commercial in confidence”. The government has hired...

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