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São Paulo reportedly plans homeless camp following 30% rise in rough sleepers

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Latin America’s largest city, São Paulo, is reportedly planning to open a campsite for rough sleepers in response to a Covid-fuelled homelessness crisis that has forced thousands on to the streets. The homeless popula...

Brasil: massive sandstorm smothers parts of São Paulo state – video

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A sandstorm made by powerful winds whipping up dust from the ground has engulfed Barretos and surrounding towns north of the city of São Paulo. The storms were triggered by the worst drought to hit Brazil in nine deca...

Pelé re-enters intensive care unit in São Paulo three days after leaving

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Pelé has re-entered an intensive care unit at São Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital, ESPN Brasil reported on Friday, in an apparent deterioration of the three-time World Cup winner’s health after he left the unit earli...

Paulo Fonseca agrees to become the new manager of Tottenham

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Tottenham are set to appoint Paulo Fonseca as their new manager this week on an expected three-year deal. Spurs’ new director of football, Fabio Paratici, made a move for the former Roma manager following the collapse...

Obituario de Paulo Mendes da Rocha

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Flotando como un halo de hormigón delgado como una oblea, sostenido en alto por seis hojas triangulares cinceladas, El Athletic Club Paulistano fue una llegada futurista al barrio Jardim América de São Paulo cuando abrió en 1958. La estafa...