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Migrants continue to cross into US as Kamala Harris criticises treatment by border patrol – video

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Thousands of Haitians encamped under and near a bridge in the town of Del Rio faced a ramped-up US exclusion effort on Tuesday, with six flights to their homeland. Più di 6,000 migrants had been removed by Monday, ...

Afghanistan live news: US says Kabul airport has reopened as Taliban patrol city

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‘I stand squarely behind my decision,’ says Biden; Kabul airport reopens with US in charge of air traffic control; Taliban patrol Kabul

Channel patrol: Priti Patel’s harsh regime is ‘answer to a crisis that doesn’t exist’

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Blue skies appeared above Dover, and for the crew of the Valiant, moored off the harbour wall, it was a signal to start readying for action. Fine weather meant more migrants would soon be heading towards them. For tho...

Bangladesh soldiers set to patrol streets as national Covid lockdown looms

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Bangladesh authorities are preparing to enforce a sweeping national lockdown to combat a deadly resurgence of Covid-19 infections, with public transport networks closing and soldiers ready to patrol the streets. Thous...

UK sends patrol vessels as 80 French protest boats gather off Jersey

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Two British naval patrol vessels have arrived off the coast of Jersey as about 80 French boats also gathered at the port in St Helier in protest over post-Brexit rules on fishing rights. HMS Severn and HMS Tamar were ...

UK university students accuse Covid patrol police of harassment

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Students at several UK campuses have accused their universities of granting police officers access to halls of residence to check for breaches of coronavirus rules, with some complaints of officers entering accommodat...

Police could patrol nightclubs in drive to protect women

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Plainclothes police officers could patrol bars and nightclubs around England and Wales, as part of plans to protect women from predatory offenders, it has been announced, after peers forced the prime minister’s arm. T ...