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Después 30 años en obstetricia, La vacunación contra la covid me ha hecho reevaluar mi consejo para las pacientes embarazadas

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Las mujeres embarazadas tratan de hacer lo mejor para la salud y el desarrollo de su bebé, todavía, cuando algo es nuevo, como las vacunas Covid-19, puede ser difícil tomar decisiones por sí mismo, y mucho menos para su hijo por nacer. I...

The WHO is letting down long Covid patients

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The WHO recently released its clinical case definition for what it called “post-Covid-19 condition”. This definition is too little too late, its myopic scope does not recognize the breadth of disability and disease ca...

A&La crisis electrónica deja a los pacientes esperando en ambulancias fuera de los hospitales 11 horas

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Los médicos advierten que los departamentos de urgencias y accidentes están al "borde de un precipicio", con pacientes obligados a esperar en ambulancias hasta 11 horas fuera de los hospitales. Los paramédicos de Gran Bretaña han informado..

England’s GPs to get £250m boost if they see more patients face-to-face

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GPs in England will be handed £250m to improve their services but only if they increase the number of patients being seen face-to-face under a new government and NHS action plan. The move follows an increasingly heate...

Some US patients waiting for organ transplants must get Covid vaccine or be removed from list

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Health systems in Colorado and Washington are removing unvaccinated patients from organ transplant lists, given research that unprotected recipients are much more likely to die from Covid-19. UCHealth in Colorado told...

Private hospitals treated just eight Covid patients a day despite deal to help NHS

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Private hospitals treated a total of just eight Covid patients a day during the pandemic despite a multi-billion pound deal with the government to help stop the NHS being overwhelmed, un informe revela. And they also p...

Coronavirus en vivo: Brazil regulator to investigate claims Covid patients unknowingly tested with unproven drugs

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Brazil hospitals accused of testing unproven drugs on elderly Covid patients; Sweden pauses Moderna vaccine over possible rare side effects

NHS ‘on the edge’ with some patients waiting 48 hours for a bed

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The NHS is struggling to cope with growing demand for urgent and emergency care, health officials have warned, with hospitals under the kind of pressure “usually seen at the height of winter”. A&E units across the...

Uno de cada cinco pacientes con trastornos alimentarios en el Reino Unido se ve obligado a pagar por atención privada

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Uno de cada cinco pacientes con trastornos alimentarios potencialmente mortales se ve obligado a pagar la atención privada como parte de su tratamiento., con familias que dejan sus trabajos y viven de las tarjetas de crédito para mantener a sus seres queridos..

Troubled maternity wards still jeopardising patients, watchdog warns

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Babies and mothers are at risk of injury and death because too many maternity units have not improved care despite a string of childbirth scandals, the NHS watchdog has warned. In a highly critical report published on...

Vulnerable patient’s death at private hospital is a ‘scandal’, says mother

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A mother whose son was among three people who died at a private hospital for people with learning disabilities said his death was a “scandal” as a report highlighted a series of failings. Ben King, 32, who had Down’s ...

‘High-risk activity’: Ardern advises hospital visitors against sex with patients during Covid

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New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern may have kept her cool through a global pandemic, but a question about a patient and a visitor having sex at an Auckland hospital had the typically unflappable leader strugg...

Nurse shortage ‘delaying treatment for 21% of UK cancer patients’

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Más que 600,000 cancer patients in the UK are facing treatment delays or missing out on vital support because of a shortage of specialist nurses, un informe revela. One in five of all those living with cancer (21%) a...

Doctors warn NSW emergency departments face five times the number of Covid patients as ICUs

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Doctors are warning that hospital emergency departments in New South Wales will face almost five times the number of Covid patients than intensive care wards, as the sector calls for a coordinated approach to manage s...

Por poco 300% more Covid patients in US hospitals at weekend than a year ago

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The number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals across the US this Labor Day weekend was nearly 300% higher than this time last year, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The average number of deaths was over...

Withdrawal of planned guidance on ME upsets patients

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It was years in the making, involving thousands of scientists, medics, patients and campaigners all with a vested interest in the first landmark guidance on ME of its kind for 14 años. After much wrangling, the conte...

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