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‘Jurassic embarrassment’: Tory MPs attack colleague who blocked Paterson report approval – UK politics live

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Latest updates: MPs furious with Sir Christopher Chope as move means report will have to be debated in parliament

‘Object’: The moment Tory MP blocks condemnation of Owen Paterson – video

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Backbencher Christopher Chope has been named by multiple sources as the person who could be heard yelling ‘object’ as the Commons attempted to ratifying the findings about Owen Paterson’s behaviour.  The government ha...

Boris Johnson’s contempt for integrity is at the rotten heart of the Paterson affair

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Boris Johnson is a law unto himself. His housemaster at Eton noted his belief that he should be treated as “an exception, one who should be free of the network of obligation which binds everyone else”. He rarely encou...

‘Shameful’: John Major hits out at handling of Owen Paterson scandal

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Sir John Major has launched a searing attack on the government over its handling of the Owen Paterson lobbying scandal, condemning its actions as “shameful and wrong”. The former prime minister said it suggested Boris...

The Paterson fiasco confirms the threat Boris Johnson poses to British democracy

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How many more times does it need to happen? How much more proof do we need that the country is run by a man with contempt for the rule of law, who believes that he and his friends are beyond its reach? Boris Johnson d...

Owen Paterson was just the fall guy. This week’s chaos was all about Boris Johnson

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An edifying week in the government of Britain, a country run by the third prize in a competition to build Winston Churchill out of marshmallows. Yup, this man is our sorry lot: this pool-float Targaryen, this gurning ...

Labour to stand in Shropshire byelection sparked by Owen Paterson resignation

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Labour has confirmed it will put up a candidate in the North Shropshire byelection – the seat about to be vacated by the disgraced former Conservative cabinet minister Owen Paterson. There had been suggestions that op...

Is Randox a suitable sponsor for Grand National after Paterson sleaze row?

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There were understandable expressions of delight on both sides when Randox Health – now more familiar as simply Randox – signed a five-year deal to sponsor the Grand National from 2017, and again when the company anno...

The Paterson debacle shows that Johnson no longer has advisers – he has courtiers

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No one doubted it, not even Boris Johnson. The attempt to rescue his friend Owen Paterson from a mild penalty for a breach of the parliamentary code was an abject failure. The Tories’ short-lived attempt to tear up th...

Tories engulfed in sleaze crisis after U-turn and Owen Paterson resignation

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Boris Johnson was engulfed in a sleaze crisis last night following a humiliating government U-turn that saw veteran Tory MP Owen Paterson resign from parliament after Downing Street ditched a bid to shield him from lo...

Owen Paterson affair exposes Boris Johnson’s contempt for standards

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Martin Kettle writes: “Just before the start of the Commons debate on Paterson, Downing Street invented a new doctrine: that an MP facing workplace discipline charges should always be entitled to an appeal” (Owen Pate...

MP Owen Paterson resigns from ‘cruel world of politics’

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Owen Paterson has announced his resignation as MP for North Shropshire, after Boris Johnson made clear he would no longer seek to prevent the former cabinet minister from being punished by parliament for lobbying. “I ...

Kathryn Stone: who is watchdog at heart of Owen Paterson row?

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Much of the anger among Conservative MPs keen to overturn the verdict against their colleague Owen Paterson has been focused on the independent parliamentary commissioner for standards, Kathryn Stone. They argue that ...

Why are stakes so high in Owen Paterson suspension vote?

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Owen Paterson, the Conservative MP for North Shropshire and a former minister, is preparing to try to avoid a 30-day Commons suspension and possible byelection after the standards committee watchdog last week conclude...

Jacob Rees-Mogg questions fairness of Owen Paterson suspension vote

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Jacob Rees-Mogg has questioned the fairness of the Conservative MP Owen Paterson facing a six-week suspension from parliament and possible byelection, after he was found to have committed an “egregious” breach of lobb...

DHSC resisting release of documents on Owen Paterson meeting

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The government has resisted for nearly a year the release of documents that could shed light on whether the Conservative MP Owen Paterson promoted a healthcare firm that paid him to be a consultant. For more than 11 m...

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