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Grounded: Priti Patel’s broken asylum policy

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The government’s latest refugee policy collided with reality this week as the first deportation flight to Rwanda was halted at the last minute after a ruling by the European court of human rights. Intussen, the UK co...

Priti Patel se Rwanda-plan vir Britse asielsoekers staar sy eerste wetlike uitdaging in die gesig

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Die eerste regstappe is van stapel gestuur teen Priti Patel se plan om asielsoekers na Rwanda te stuur, aangesien die VN se vlugtelingagentskap kommer uitgespreek het dat die VK ander Europese lande "nooi" om dieselfde skeiding aan te neem..

For her eyes only: what Priti Patel’s Bond blag means for other film-fan MPs

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When the home secretary, Priti Patel, arrived at the premiere of No Time to Die last September, you could be forgiven for wondering what on earth she was doing there. Was she secretly friends with Daniel Craig? Is she...

Priti Patel’s Rwanda asylum seeker plan faces first legal challenge

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Priti Patel’s plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is facing its first legal challenge after a charity instructed lawyers to demand the disclosure of documents because of fears the policy is contrary to internation...

Priti Patel se terugstootbeleid vir vlugtelinge is dae voor wetlike hersiening teruggetrek

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Priti Patel se terugstootbeleid vir vlugtelinge is amptelik deur die regering teruggetrek dae voordat 'n geregtelike hersiening van die taktiek in die hooggeregshof aangehoor sou word. Die regering se regsafdeling het erken i...

Priti Patel’s immigration bill suffers multiple defeats in Lords

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Priti Patel’s nationality and borders bill has been ripped apart for a second time by the House of Lords as the government suffered more than 10 defeats over controversial proposals to tighten immigration rules. Peers...

Patel’s plans to process asylum seekers abroad facing Tory rebellion

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Priti Patel’s plans to process asylum seekers abroad are facing a Conservative rebellion next week, with MPs calling the proposal “clearly ridiculous” ahead of a vote on the nationality and borders bill. Amendments ci...

Priti Patel’s career under scrutiny over handling of Ukraine crisis

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Priti Patel faced days of public and private opprobrium before the Home Office made a U-turn on Thursday and decided to halt Ukrainian visa appointments for passport holders. But has the prime minister already lost fa...

Vacant and vicious: Priti Patel’s tone-deaf problem with Ukraine refugees

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Let’s be generous to Priti Patel. She’s by far the dimmest member of the cabinet – a low water mark in a confederacy of dunces – so it’s possible no one has told her that Boris Johnson has changed his mind on Ukraine ...

Priti Patel’s search for new Met police chief could include overseas candidates

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Could the UK’s most powerful police officer be brought in from outside the force? Or might Priti Patel look even farther afield – to Australia, or even the United States – instead of recruiting from within Scotland Ya...

‘We can’t wait any longer’: anger over Priti Patel’s ‘inaction’ on violence against women

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Leading campaign groups that have spent years tackling the growing problem of violence against women and girls are becoming increasingly frustrated with an apparent lack of action from the home secretary six months af...

Priti Patel se plan om vlugtelinge in die buiteland te bevorder, is duur, verkeerd en gedoem om te misluk

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Hoe stop ons die Kanaaloorgange? Daar is geen twyfel dat ons verhouding met Frankryk deurslaggewend is nie. Ek is nie naïef hieroor nie: Ek weet 'n ding of twee van onderhandeling met die Franse. Duidelik, beide die shado...

Border Force staff union joins fight to block Priti Patel’s pushback plans

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The union representing Border Force staff has announced it is taking part in a legal challenge against a plan by Priti Patel to push back small boats in the Channel. The news that the home secretary’s own staff are pa...

Eyebrows raised at Priti Patel’s effort to show sympathy for Channel deaths

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It was only last Monday that Priti Patel was forced to answer an urgent question on people crossing the Channel in small boats. Her response was typically belligerent and unapologetic. Nothing to do with her, everythi ...

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