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Priti Patel blames ‘evil’ gangs for Channel crossings but the reality is far more complicated

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The government repeatedly insists that sophisticated criminal networks are driving the Channel crossings by people seeking asylum in Britain. Of all the contested claims advanced by the home secretary on the issue, Dit...

Channel deaths: Priti Patel disinvited to meeting with France

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The French government has withdrawn an invitation to the home secretary, Priti Patel, to attend a meeting about the Channel boats crisis after Boris Johnson called on France to take back people who crossed the Channel...

Priti Patel faces three legal challenges over refugee pushback plans

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Priti Patel is facing three legal challenges over her controversial plans to push back refugees on small boats in the Channel who are trying to reach the UK. Several charities including Care4Calais and Channel Rescue ...

Priti Patel beats on against the ceaseless small-boat Channel crossings

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Priti Patel, for so long the darling of the Conservative party’s hard right, is having a difficult weekend. Once again, she is grappling with the same issue that has dominated her tenure as home secretary – how to sto...

Open borders in EU has led to ‘mass migration crisis’, says Priti Patel

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Priti Patel has described the build-up of people seeking to travel to the EU as “a mass migration crisis” and blamed the bloc’s open borders policy for allowing it to happen. The home secretary said the Schengen Agree...

While Liverpool called for calm, Priti Patel exploited the terror incident for political gain

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There is still too much we don’t know about the Liverpool bomber, who died in a burning taxi outside a women’s hospital on Remembrance Sunday. We know that Emad al-Swealmeen had been assembling bomb ingredients since ...

Priti Patel het gekritiseer vir 'n asiel-eis oor die Liverpool-verdagte

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Priti Patel is gekritiseer omdat sy probeer afwyk van die mislukkings van haar eie regering, nadat sy beweer het dat die vermeende Liverpool-terreuraanvaller Brittanje se "disfunksionele" asielstelsel kon uitbuit..

Patel steun polisie-ondersoek van LSE-protes teen Israeliese ambassadeur

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Priti Patel, die Britse minister van binnelandse sake, het steun verleen aan 'n polisie-ondersoek van betogings buite die London School of Economics Dinsdagaand wat daartoe gelei het dat die Israeliese ambassadeur met 'n spoed met swaar weggelei is..

Priti Patel warned she could lose legal tussle in bid to turn back migrant boats

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Priti Patel has been warned by government lawyers that she is likely to lose a legal challenge if she implements plans to turn around small boats in the Channel, leaked documents show. Counsel has told the home secret...

Priti Patel urged to justify claim that most boat migrants are not real refugees

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There are calls for Priti Patel to withdraw or justify claims she made before parliament that most people who travel to the UK in small boats are not genuine asylum seekers. Two Labour peers, David Blunkett and Shami ...

Threat level against MPs raised to ‘substantial’, Priti Patel tells Commons

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The threat level against MPs has been raised to “substantial”, the home secretary, Priti Patel, has told the Commons, with police saying they would now work with MPs to review the security they receive. Patel, making ...

Priti Patel considering police protection for MPs after David Amess killing

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Die sekretaris van die huis, Priti Patel, has said she is considering offering police protection for MPs at their constituency surgeries, as a review takes place to “close the gaps” in security in the wake of the killing of Da...

David Amess latest: Priti Patel says MPs ‘cannot be cowed by any individual’

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Patel was speaking in Leigh-on-Sea after PM earlier laid wreath at front of Belfairs Methodist church, where Tory MP was fatally stabbed on Friday

Priti Patel threatening to use X-rays to verify asylum seekers’ ages

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Priti Patel is threatening to X-ray migrants suspected of lying about their age and impose visa penalties on countries that do not cooperate with deportations of their own citizens, under newly announced plans. The na...

Is Priti Patel die enigste persoon in Brittanje wat nie asielsoekers wil laat werk nie?

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In hierdie regering se ryk van skynpolitiek, niks is wat dit lyk nie, niks doen wat dit beweer nie en die publiek word vir idiote geneem. Tog mislei sintetiese beleide nie altyd die publiek nie, veral hoe meer dra...

Priti Patel announces inquiry into murder of Sarah Everard

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Priti Patel has announced an inquiry into “systemic failures” in the Metropolitan police that allowed a serving police officer to abuse his position to kidnap, verkragting en moord op Sarah Everard. The home secretary said: “...

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