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‘Like a badly watered lawn’: Garda supervisor decries officers’ patchy beards

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To beard or not to beard, that is the question vexing Ireland’s police force in a controversy over officers’ patchy facial hair. A Garda Síochána supervisor has instructed subordinates to “smarten up” and grow a prope...

Recensione di When You Finish Saving the World – Il debutto alla regia irregolare di Jesse Eisenberg

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E così Sundance 2022 inizia con il sipario tirato indietro da Jesse Eisenberg, un attore che è stato a lungo legato al festival, con film come Il calamaro e la balena, Adventureland, Rulli Santi, La fine dell'a...

Patchy monitoring means UK Omicron numbers unclear, dicono funzionari

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The Omicron variant of coronavirus is likely to be more widespread in the UK than official numbers suggest owing to patchy monitoring and a time lag in the data, scientists and officials have said. Ministers said 336 ...

Scrawny trees, patchy grass, terrible viewwhy £6m Marble Arch Mound still falls flat

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It has been called a “BTec Eiffel Tower” and a “slag heap”. It’s been compared to “a car-park Santa’s grotto, with dogs pretending to be reindeer”. The Marble Arch Mound, the temporary artificial hill commissioned by ...