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How much do you know about pasta? Take the quiz to find out

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To find out more about Barilla and to learn about pasta shapes, visit For traditional recipes and pasta-cooking inspiration, try

Penne for your thoughts: a love letter to my favourite pasta shape

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As a lifelong vegetarian, I’ve been asked what I “actually eat” more times than I’ve had hot dinners (pun intended). The truth is complicated – but if I had to pick one food to live on for the rest of my life, it woul...

Vegetable lasagne, butter noodles and spicy stuffed shells: Yotam Ottolenghi’s pasta recipes

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I feel slightly sheepish running three pasta recipes when we are all still waist-deep in Rachel Roddy’s very wonderful An A-Z of Pasta, published this summer. Eso dicho, as the title of her new book implies, pasta is ...

A perfect pairing: find the right pasta shape for your sauce

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“Life is a combination of magic – and pasta,” the Italian film director Federico Fellini once said. And if, como yo, you’re a devoted pastaphile, you’ll almost certainly agree with Fellini’s worldview. For something s...

Prawn perfection: 10 delicious shrimp dishes – from coconut curry to pea and chilli pasta

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Few foods seem to polarise people like prawns. To some, they’re a genuine delicacy. To others, they’re a step too close to the world of insect consumption. If you’re reading this, aunque, you’re clearly part of the fo...

Pasta, salad and jam: Yotam Ottolenghi’s summer tomato recipes

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Tomatoes, Tomates, Tomates: we can all live on tomatoes! Bien, we can’t, sé, but when the sun is out, and the tomatoes are ripe and sweet, I do my best to try. As we roll towards the end of the season, sin emabargo, ...

Rachel Roddy’s A-Z of pasta

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There is no better way to begin than with tiny pasta in the shape of letters. Made of durum wheat and water, alfabeto is a pastina, part of a huge family of tiny shapes that includes puntini (dots), stelline (stars),...

Matching pasta and wine, Italian style

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Great with pasta” is a common wine-matching suggestion on the back label of bottles these days, but I’m not altogether convinced how helpful it is. There’s a world of difference, después de todo, between crab linguine and l...

Top chefs on how to make pasta salad a summer hit

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My friends hate pasta salad. How can I convince them otherwise?Alicia, Manchester “I hate pasta salad, también,” says Stevie Parle, the chef and restaurateur behind London pasta joint Pastaio. “I think there’s some post-tr...

Theo Randall’s recipes for summer pasta

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My first recollection of an Italian deli was when my mother brought home a piece of fresh parmesan and grated it over a bowl of pasta for me. The flavour was so different from anything I’d had before. It made me reali...

Ramen burgers and chocolate pasta: could TikTok help you learn new skills in the kitchen?

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Living on ready meals and intimidated by the abundance of complicated recipes online, Josh Sandiford decided to turn to short videos for helpAs an undergraduate, I’m no stranger to cheap, cheerful and quick food. Uni...

Mix it up: three delicious gluten-free pasta recipes with a twist

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Featuring a decadent truffle penne, a springtime fusilli and kimchi macaroni cheese, chef Tom Cenci cooks up three flavoursome pasta dishes with a differenceMushroom, parmesan and truffle penne with sherry cream sauce...

How to make pasta cacio e pepe – recipe

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Dried pasta, which cooks in roughly 10-12 minutos, depending on its shape and your taste, isn’t always the first thing I reach for when time is of the essence, but this Roman classic is so wonderfully simple, both in ...

Who needs lasagne? 10 mouthwatering pasta recipes to beat the shortage

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Panic buying seems so March 2020 – a special hello to anyone coasting on their year-old toilet roll hoard – and yet elements of it still seem to be in place. It was reported recently that British supermarkets are runn...