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Clothes, shoes, passports: Migrants forced to dump possessions at US-Mexico wall

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In Yuma, south-west Arizona, just a short distance from a gap in the 30-foot-high border barrier between the US and Mexico, Fernando “Fernie” Quiroz collects piles of shoes, shoelaces and clothing from the dirt road a...

Revelado: how fake passports allow IS members to enter Europe and US

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A booming online industry specialising in fake passports with official visas and travel stamps is offering people with links to Islamic State the opportunity to leave Syria and travel onwards to the UK, ME, Canada and...

EU could suspend Vanuatu visa-free travel over ‘golden passports’ scheme

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The European Commission has proposed suspending a visa-free travel arrangement with Vanuatu due to concerns about the Pacific nation’s controversial “golden passports” scheme. The proposed suspension, which still need...

Los pasaportes de Covid podrían aumentar la aceptación de vacunas, estudio sugiere

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Los pasaportes de coronavirus podrían conducir a una mayor aceptación de vacunas, especialmente entre los jóvenes, un estudio sugiere. Una investigación de la Universidad de Oxford encontró que la certificación Covid-19 condujo a una mayor aceptación del jab 20 dias ...

Los consumidores de drogas de clase media podrían perder pasaportes del Reino Unido bajo los planes de Boris Johnson

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Middle-class drug users are to be targeted as part of a 10-year strategy to be announced by Boris Johnson’s government with a heavy focus on war-on-drugs-era punishment. So-called “lifestyle” users of class A drugs fa...

Scientists urge caution over proposals to impose vaccine passports in UK

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Proposals to impose vaccine passports and other restrictions on the movements of unvaccinated people in the UK should be treated with caution, scientists warned last week. Such plans would not lead to rapid reductions...

La mayoría del público en Europa apoya los pasaportes de la vacuna Covid: encuesta

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Los pasaportes de vacunas gozan de un apoyo sustancial en toda Europa, una encuesta de YouGov sugiere, ya que una cuarta ola de infecciones lleva a un número creciente de países a imponer restricciones más estrictas a las personas que no han estado llenas..

Pasaportes Covid: what are European countries doing?

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While the government has shelved plans for Covid passports in nightclubs and other crowded places in England, at least a dozen EU countries now operate similar schemes for access to a wide range of venues and activiti...

Scottish parliament approves plans for vaccine passports

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The Scottish parliament has approved plans for vaccine passports, which will come into force from 1 October for those seeking entry to nightclubs and large-scale events, despite fierce criticism from opposition partie...

Nadhim Zahawi: vaccine passports necessary to keep large venues in England open – video

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Certification process will be required for nightclubs, mass events and large venues in England by the end of September, the vaccines minister has confirmed, saying that would allow businesses to stay open during the w...

Vaccine passports needed to keep venues in England open, dice ministro

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Vaccine passports will be required for nightclubs, mass events and large venues in England by the end of September, the vaccines minister has confirmed, saying that would allow businesses to stay open during the winte...

The push for vaccine passports ignores the arguments raging around them

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Vaccinations are the high point of human reason. Devised under clinical conditions by scientists interested only in what works, they represent the mastery of the rational world over chaotic nature; y también, of course...

Vaccine passports will make hesitant people ‘even more reluctant to get jabbed’

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Imposing vaccine passports is likely to make hesitant people even more reluctant to get Covid jabs, research involving more than 16,000 people has found as Downing Street vowed to press ahead with the plan within a mo...

Actualización de NSW Covid: mask-wearing and vaccine passports may be needed for years as 753 cases reported

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New South Wales citizens could be wearing masks indoors for years and proof of vaccination may be required to enter high-risk venues, even when the state reaches 80% vaccination coverage, el director de salud, Dr ...

Covid passports could work – but coercion is doomed to fail

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After initially resisting the idea of Covid passports, the government has decided to introduce them in “higher risk” settings in England, such as nightclubs and large crowds, by the end of September in an attempt to c...

Parliament should be recalled over Covid vaccine passports, says Tory MP

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The senior Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has said parliament should be recalled from its summer recess if the government is “serious” about plans to introduce domestic vaccine passports for entry into large-scale eve...

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