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‘If you have a passion, lean into it’: why now’s the time to start a business

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Lockdown gave Bare Kind founder Lucy Jeffrey the push she needed to say goodbye to her corporate life and start her own fashion brand For the UK’s microbusinesses – and the rest of us, really – the internet became eve...

Purity, passion, drama: darts’ renaissance continues in tournament for the ages

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Forty years ago this month, at the height of darts’ first great tungsten rush, Jocky Wilson left Jollees nightclub in Stoke clutching a world title and a cheque for £6,500 – about £26,000 in today’s money. It is a mea...

Daughters of the Mangrove Nine: ‘That passion in our parents was instilled in us’

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Fifty years ago next month – on 16 Desember 1971 – long before Black Lives Matter, taking the knee and the Windrush scandal, a group of black activists made headlines after a ruling at the Old Bailey, the court that h...

Chusovitina and Clijsters keep proving age is no barrier to sporting passion

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One of the most touching moments of the Tokyo Games this summer was entirely spontaneous. During the qualifying round of the women’s gymnastics, 46-year-old Oksana Chusovitina took to the podium in her eighth Olympics...

Wrexham’s Phil Parkinson: ‘The owners are very genuine. They’ve got an incredible passion’

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The Hollywood-style ‘Wrexham’ sign that suddenly appeared on an old slag heap above the A483 last weekend doubles as a neat analogy for the aspirations and challenges of the town’s revitalised football club. While new...

Dusty Hill’s voice, tone and passion for the blues lifted ZZ Top into greatness

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Dusty Hill was evidently used to being mistaken for someone else. Wel, for one other person. In 2012, backstage at a strange festival in Maryland, I watched as drunk twentysomethings walked up to a man with a vast be...

Coco Gauff chasing tennis greatness thanks to critics and her passion

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Alguacil unable to contain passion as Real Sociedad quench trophy thirst

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“If you’ll allow me,” Imanol Alguacil said, as if there was anything they wouldn’t allow him any more. He was one of them after all, the communion about to be made very loud and very clear. He had also just done what ...

St Matthew Passion review – Fretwork showcase an Easter rarity

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Performances of the Bach passions are not exactly Easter rarities, but the St Matthew Passion that Fretwork brought to the Wigmore Hall on Good Friday was not by Bach at all. This setting of the story from Matthew’s g...