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Republican senators threaten shutdown despite House passing funding bill

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The US House of Representatives has passed a bill to avoid a partial government shutdown by extending government funding that is due to expire on Friday night. The House voted 221 per 212 to keep the government funded ...

As Covid recedes in US a new worry emerges: wildlife passing on the virus

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As America’s pandemic – for now – seems to be moving into a new phase with national rates in decline from the September peak and vaccines rolling out to children, a new worry has appeared on the horizon: wildlife pass...

Passing review – life is anything but black and white in Rebecca Hall’s smart period drama

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At a glamorous party in 1920s Harlem, a young black woman and an older white man perch at the edge of a dancefloor. “Can you always tell the difference?” he asks her, eyes narrowing at an exotic blond. “Hugh, stop tal...

Passing review – Rebecca Hall’s stylish and subtle study of racial identity

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Rebecca Hall makes her directing debut with this superbly subtle and intimately disturbing movie, adapted by her from the 1929 novel by Nella Larsen. Irene (Tessa Thompson) and Clare (Ruth Negga) are two women of colo...

The schoolday I’ll never forget: ‘I had no idea how pivotal passing the 11-plus would be’

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My most memorable day was the morning I came to primary school knowing I had passed my 11-plus and would be going to grammar school: Harrow County Grammar School for Girls. I knew the 11-plus was important, but had no...

Medina Spirit cleared to run in Preakness after passing final drug tests

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Medina Spirit has passed three rounds of prerace drug testing and been cleared to run in the Preakness on Saturday. Maryland racing officials said Friday tests on the Kentucky Derby winner and fellow Bob Baffert-train...

The tiny American towns passing anti-abortion rules

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Over the last year of the pandemic, 23 tiny towns in Texas have approved local laws declaring themselves “sanctuary cities for the unborn”, passing ordinances to make the procedure punishable by a $2,000 fine. In Apri...