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Dispatches from the communist party’s people-led review of football governance

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“Football is a private sector business and has flourished that way. Enforcing a philosophy akin to Maoist collective agriculturalism (which students of The Great Leap Forward will know culminated in the greatest famin...

Hard-right French MP tops Les Républicains party’s presidential primary

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A hard-right French MP who wants to hold a referendum “to stop mass immigration” and set up “a French Guantánamo bay” to deal with terrorism, has topped the first-round vote to choose a presidential candidate for the ...

The Guardian view on cabinet splits: a fight for a party’s heart and soul

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The row between the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, is not a semantic joust, but a fight over the economic direction of the Tory party. Mr Kwarteng is looking for a bailout for bus...

China’s super-rich: the billionaires in Communist party’s sights

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Billionaires were probably not part of the plan for the founders of the Chinese Communist party. Nevertheless, extraordinary economic growth has meant that more than 1,000 of its citizens had fortunes worth more than ...

Liz Cheney’s ousting proves the ‘big lie’ is the Republican party’s religion

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Lafayette Square, outside the White House, reopened this week to strolling couples, tourists and scampering children. After nearly a year sealed off by eight-foot metal fencing, it was one more sign of life in America...

Eric Abetz dropped to third spot on Liberal party’s Tasmanian Senate ticket

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The influential Tasmanian conservative powerbroker Eric Abetz has been demoted to third place on the Liberal party’s Tasmanian Senate ticket for the next federal election. He is listed beneath senator Jonno Duniam in...

Il problema del partito repubblicano con la razza: Extra settimanale di politica

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Questa settimana, Jonathan Freedland parla con Michael Steele, un ex presidente del comitato nazionale repubblicano. I due discutono del motivo per cui ha scelto di fare campagna per la vittoria di Joe Biden, e come stanno ottenendo i repubblicani wr ...

Why Boris Johnson may not need to worry about the Tory party’s infighting

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Unity is strength in politics, but also rare. All governments contain divisions. All prime ministers learn to live with disloyalty. For most of the time that Boris Johnson has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemi...